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Tales of the Abyss and the Catalyst Weapons
I started a new game(5th playthrough)and I added those weapons to my inventory using cheats.

My question is,does the emenys killed is counted before killing Nebilim and if it is,then does the emeys killed is carried over from my previous playthrough or are you starting from 0 again)

I cleared that game 4 times already without using those weapons but I'm going to use them now.

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Yes, they are carried over a playthrough and other playthroughs before as soon as you chose to keep the battle data in the grade shop, they count before killing nebilim too and every enemy each char kills is counted individually (kinda sux cause for me that meant only 1 character got an uber weapon...).
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Well I use Luke only until I get Guy anyway.
Thanks for the info
Ok this is kinda strange...are the killed enemys add to the attack of the weapons before killing Nebilim(meaning the weapon become stronger and stronger even before killing Nebilim)

What I mean is,I'm playing with only those weapons with x10 exp and on very hard but the game is too's like I'm playing with those +700 attack weapons on very hard.

The emenys have more HP,the battles are as long as when you play the game normally for the first time on normal.
I'm lv 40 and I just killed Largo and Sync at Zao Ruins really easy.
No, the catalyst weapons get unlocked only after you kill Nebilim and do the next step in the catalyst "quest" events after that. (They are just regular weapons with low attack until then).

Level 40 for that BOSS battle is more for the "Unknown" difficulty however, in normal difficulty you'd be around level 20 or so and Very Hard would be easy still. x10 exp makes the game too easy even at Unknown difficulty sometimes.

It's possible you added unlocked weapons with that cheat but I don't know what exactly gets triggered after unlocking them... Try equipping some weapon with the same attack and see if it's different I guess Tongue
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Hmm yes,there is almost no difference between low attack power weapon the catalyst weapons(and there is definitely a difference between Lost Celesty and Jewel of Gardios).

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