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Tech Hardware Question - Probably RAM related?
OK, I performed a routine reboot of my PC today. Where it normally should have rebooted it didn't. It didn't do anything at all. No BIOS screen, no POST, nothing. The CPU fan doesn't even spin up to full speed.

I have 4xDDR2 800mhz RAM sticks, one in each of four slots. (2 matching pairs) After a lot of fiddling around inside I've come to the conclusion that:
It will boot with a RAM stick in DDR2slot1 OR one in slot1 and one in slot2 OR one in slot1, one in slot2, and one in slot3, but it WONT boot if I have a stick in EVERY slot any more. No matter what combination I use, or where each stick goes.

I tried for hours, I reset BIOS, I even flashed and updated it, I moved ram sticks around so much my fingers hurt from pushing them in. Yet still it will only boot with 3 sticks of RAM (They all test fine so it's not any of the sticks themselves)

I'm banging my head in frustration - could a power outage (we had one last night) have somehow damaged the board in such a way that the next day, for no reason at all, I go to reboot and it simply won't work with the RAM the way it has been for ages >.<

Note: It also seems now that it will only boot with my ATI graphics card, whereas before it had an NVIDIA card. This gets stranger by the minute.

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The only thing i can suggest is to try testing your memory modules and video card on another pc (friends or family) an see if they work there.

The other thing is if your ati card works and not the nvidia one there could be a problem with your video card but i need to specify that sometimes defective memory modules can lead to other things... failing to boot up (as one example) and some hardware is more tolerant towards defective components than others.

So for now based on what you said in the OP i can only deduct this:

Since you interchanged your memory modules and basically tested them all on the 3 first slots, and your pc wont boot if you have one inserted in the 4th slot.

= Mobo Failure.

As fo the video card it could be either way you should try and test your nvidia card on another pc just to be safe.
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There have been many reports of motherboards with a certain RAM slot broken. It might be that OR a BIOS problem, so make sure you have the latest BIOS release for the motherboard.
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