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Tekken 5
sorry u guys probly get alot of qs about this one but im not havin luck running this game (or FFXII)and am wondering if its possible on my pc


Window 7 x64
AMD Turion II P540 Dual Core Processor 2.40 ghz
4gb ram
ATI Radeon HD 4250 GPU w/ 256mb
pcsx2 0.9.7

also how do u overclock ur cpu...?

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You won't get full speed with that laptop. Not with Tekken 5. I honestly don't think you could get very playable speeds at all. It's one of the more demanding games to emulate. That, and some games are more tolerable with slower speeds (like RPGs), action oriented games (like Tekken) suffer the worst for any slowdown.

With FFXII, you may get some playable speeds, but don't let some slowdowns surprise you, either. Utilize Speedhacks, and definitely stay on native resolution. Your GPU is barely enough in general, and will most likely cause some slowdowns itself.

BTW - I don't recommend you overclock. Not just because it's most likely an unavailable option in your BIOS, and not just because your only other possible option is through software (not as stable or safe). It'd be because if you were to overclock, you're not looking at much headroom. What little improvement you would get may still be bottlenecked by your GPU, making it even less worth the increase of temps.

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