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The Dot Hack Timeline
For the last three games (The G.U Haseo ones), you'll want to use either Native res, or 2x or 3x,
because if you input a manual resolution for them, you get a weird ghost image aura thing on the characters.

As for the first four dot hack games (The Kite ones), I can't say, as I haven't tried em out yet on pcsx2.

Ok, now for some information overload! Biggrin

Been overwhelmed by the vast amount of Dot Hack games and Anime Series?
Well, you are in luck, because I've figured out the order in which you should watch the animes and play the games!
Anime .hack//SIGN (Ep 1 to 27)
Anime .hack//Liminality (Ep 1) "In The Case of Mai Minase"
Game .hack//Infection
Anime .hack//Liminality (Ep 2) "In The Case of Yuki Aihara"
Game .hack//Mutation
Anime .hack//Liminality (Ep 3) "In The Case of Kyoko Tohno"
Game .hack//Outbreak
Anime .hack//Liminality (Ep 4) "Trismegistus"
Game .hack//Quarantine
Anime .hack//SIGN (Ep 28) Unison
Anime .hack//Legend of the Twilight (All 12 Episodes)
Anime .hack//Roots (All 26 episodes)
Game .hack//G.U. Terminal Disk (Files 1, 2, 3 & 4)
Game .hack//G.U. Vol 1 Rebirth (Clear Data unlocks Files 6 & 10)
Game .hack//G.U. Vol 2 Reminisce (Clear Data unlocks Files 5, 8 & 9)
Game .hack//G.U. Vol 3 Redemption (Clear Data unlocks Files 7, 11 & 12)
Note 1: The Liminality animes are on bonus DVDs that came with the first four .hack games.

Note 2: the Terminal Disk came with the Special Edition of the first .hack// G.U. game. In order to unlock more features (aka Files) on the Terminal Disk, you need the clear data from each of the .hack G.U. games. It's best to watch the default vids on it before playing the first G U Game, then as you beat each game, load your clear data to watch the extras that each game unlocks.

Note 3: The above list is for the stuff released in America, and does not include the novels, or manga.

Anywho, if you watch those anime and play those games, in the above order, you'll be in sync with the Dot Hack timeline.

Oh, and you done HAVE to watch any of the animes in order to play the Games, but they do enrich the overall storyline.
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What about the .hack//G.U. Trilogy CGI movie you forgot ?!
Not to forget .hack//G.U. Returner ??

Well. I've all them animes but never played any of the games. Now what do I do ?? Tongue
Technically the Liminality episodes should be watched one after the game it comes with for better understanding, Legend of the Twilight is not really set in the main story except for a couple things seen on it that are mentioned in the G.U games and as haxor mentioned Returner is set after the G.U. games but it was not seen in the US I think.

Trilogy is just a different telling of the G.U. games but I don't think it should be mentioned as it's an "order in which you should watch the animes and play the games!" list.
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.hack//another birth (book) was pretty good. i hope infection works on pcsx2 makk
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.hack and .hack//G.U. work perfectly fine

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