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The End of x86
I just read a pretty interesting article about what the future has in store for us. Just thought I'd link the article for others to read. I'm sad to see such talk of the end of the personal computer... Sad

I'm interested to see what others here think of all this.
They're gonna have to pry the traditional desktop from some cold, lifeless fingers, if you ask me.

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as a coder i'm not bothered. this just means that assembly language is faulty for multiplatform development. but that's a know dillema from the start. it's basicly advice to write high level language code and use portable APIs to make it work on all platforms. for most arm and mobile stuff that's OGL 2.0 and for common trouble use a portable SIMD implementation instead of inline asm as usual in windows code.

meh. but good thread to scare customers who don't have to care about it that much. Wink
Wait, did that article imply that ARM will matter on desktop computing anytime soon?
That article is beyond irritating to read with the inaccuracies in what they are saying, some of it is true but not all.. not even half if you ask me. But Metro is beyond fu**ing ugly though, can you not even have your own desktop wallpaper anymore..? Can it at least be turned off so it appears you know.. like current desktops do with every OS since..... 95....?
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I. I think Microsoft is enforcing a Mega-identification system..
if WGA was unsuccessful then comes ARM for hardware encrypted identification.

II. and addition they copy-catting Apple's Appstore why?? is 100% banning you to install any programs e.g. if you have PC-game DVD that is not allow anymore you need to purchase it called Windows Store....even drivers you must get it also on Windows Store..
they more-likely also to remove the copy-paste command and the file explorer to avoid ninja-piracy.

if i'm right on the 2nd part it will be interstella-war,people will NOT buy that ARM type PC including the upcoming Win8...they might all end up w/ Apple e.g. iMac and iPad.

P.S.i wonder the new gen PC like the ARM is sealed like a iPad(no screws nor bolts).
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Windows on ARM, lol Laugh
That may be funny with low power laptops or tablets but it has no place on the desktop.
Somehow I don't see gamers and the likes swarming to puny ARM equipped desktops Tongue2
damn rama. you didn't get the "message"? this' all about the mobile device port and a 2nd market of windows. and x86 isn't the best in that territory. mobile is mosdef arm. and there've been some windows phones already. dunno how they did that but and ofc this' where they just taking another step in their devcycle.

nobody's talking about replacing the desktop market with arm products. :/
The article imply that developers NEED to support Winrt API which is a mandatory for cross architecture compatibility (which imply ARM matter and app need to be uniform between mobile and desktop space) else face demise, that's just bollock, If one require cross platform architecture he could just write web app that should do what he want and not worry about compatibility with other non Win OS or even mobile OS.
Yep. Saying goodbye to x86 means replacing it with something else, I'm pretty sure it does.
Even though we looking for a replacement, not quite sure whether it has the capacity to fill up the quality of x86.

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