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The GTX 480 Coming soon...
12 april to be exact.

That will be the official release day of nvidia's Fermi cards,

But reading a few reviews it seems that these cards do not have the initial WOW factor that was expected from them.

Currently from the 2 reviews i have read it seems that the GTX480 is about 10% to 15% faster versus the HD5870 but in comparision costs about 100$ more and has also a higher power consumption and higher load temps (93c for nvidia on the HARDOCP review versus 86c for the HD5870)

But when you compare the HD5970 vs the GTX480 the 480 gets completely destroyed by about 40% in most of the tests. So what i want to say when ATI can make a card for 600$ that provides 40% faster performance than the GTX480 why c'ant nvidia make a 500$ card that provides the same performance gain (40% yeah i know its a single gpu card but you get the idea i hope...) versus the 5870 wich is at about 400$ what do you get instead is a measly 10% for 100$ and in my case is completely not worth the money.

I wanted to share my opinion and i hope i did not sound like a fanboy or something i owned cards from both manufacturers and definetly can recommend them but currently nvidia is greatly dropping in my esteem and i really hope they pick them selves up like ATI did when they made a comeback with the 4000 series cards.

Please discuss and state your opinions Smile

The reviews i read are these:

Hard OCP review

Tweakers.net review (Dutch)
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I'll wait for a price drop, or ATI's next lineup which won't be far. This price is just not worth it.
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I would get one for sure, if i had the money now Tongue But really, I'm actually quite happy with my old ATI HD3850. I do not intend to buy any new graphic card (ATI or NVIDIA) for the next 2 years at least (unless something unexpected happens to mine -_-') and i think prices for computer stuff are way too high...
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maybe but my concern is the TDP it will suck up a lot of electricity
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Using a GTX260 first generation here I was pretty shocked how hard it is to get the heat managed well.
So the 180W my card generates is the top I'll want to have in my pc.
Enter the GTX480, at usually some 280w loaded... No sir, don't want this.
Not even trading my 260 for it. It's just too much heat, Nvidia Sad
The 480's TDP is way too high. I'm comfortable with my 5750's 86W TDP. Don't think I want to go much higher than that...
All I can wonder is; What is the need for such a powerful GPU? 1.5gb of on-board video RAM? Who needs this for what? For the next year, at least. It reminds me of when the PS3 first came out. Why not wait for that price to drop? In the mean time, enjoy playing the same games with the same graphics, more-or-less.

Always cool to see new and more powerful hardware come along, though.
GSdx with Xenosaga 2 could make use of that ram Tongue2
The GF100-based series is probably to NVIDIA what the 3xxx series is to ATI; a stepping stone.
I'll wait for the refresh or the second gen. before jumping back to NVIDIA (currently with a 5770).
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