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The Overclocking CPU thread (or anything else which can be overclockonly by the bios)
Well I opened this thread because I want to post updates of how the performance of games have improved and also because I want to get direct advice before trying it. And of course I don't have a problem with everyone who wants to, to ask here for advice as well. I have read some guides but I am not sure I understood precisely what I must do.

First of, I have an E8500 CPU and an 780I nvidia motherboard.

I know how to change the FSB which would in turn change the speed of the CPU. What I don't know is whether it should be linked with the memory and if it is not linked what else I should change. Through CPU-Z I can see information about them, if you want me to show it to you.

Also currently the temperatures are 48 celsious

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Turning up fsb will increase everything connected to it, unless you set it to only affect the cpu (if you have the option)
I love only having to change multiplier + voltage Laugh
[Image: 1454055.png]
Does it increase just CPU when I select it to not be linked witht memory ? If so, is that all ? Don't I need to change other settings ? I need to only do that, and I can start the computer again with no problems ?
If its not linked to memory, only the front side bus will change and not the timings. I usually unlink it and do the changes manually. Usually I only tinker with the FSB and multiplier but not the voltage. OCing with stock voltage is the safest OC IMO. And usually more volts=more heat, which i cant really afford since I'm running with a stock cooler.
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