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The difference between Nvidia and ATI cards.

Ok, since I see a LOT of people using ATI cards rather than Nvidia, what's the difference? I've been an Nvidia user since I bought my very first pc. I haven't tried ATI cards but most of the foreigners prefer this over nvidia.@.@ Guys, can you give me some light as to why this is?@.@
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i have some reason...

*Nvidia is going down in the future for what reason
1.)because of the poor latest drivers,
2.)the recent driver bug 197.xx causing the GPU cooling fan disabled
3.)most of GTX cards including the upcoming 5xx has a the high TDP making it thats too much!! to consume electricity and thats not energy friendly to me,let's say those high-end like:
GeForce GTX 470 220W againest...Radeon HD 5870 188W
take a look at the charts

*ATI is going famous now these days for what few reason
1.)energy efficient e.g. not cost that much power like on my middle-range ATI's mobility radeon 5650
1b.)the new arrival desktop ATI's HD6xxx's TDP goes only 1xx TDP watts compare to GTX'es
2.)most cards are GDDR5.

PS:as soon as the sandy bridge is released...i will change my 9500 GT to HD 6xxx
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There isnt a big diffrence. I usually go nvidia aswell, the reason many may have said ati is better may be because of the previous generation of cards. The Ati radeon 5000 series was just really great, especially in the budget ranges and all in all better than nvidias 400 series apart from gtx460. That said the latest gtx580 has gotten great reviews and may again tip the scales in nvidias favour. Sometimes ati has the upperhand sometimes nvidia, both have really good products though and it really doesnt matter much which one you would choose.
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ATI cards tend to be better for the price.
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(11-13-2010, 02:10 AM)Hungry Man Wrote: ATI cards tend to be better for the price.

This depends on the price range, some of the best power/price cards are still nvidia.
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I see. But yeah, I kinda get the same answer as the 2nd poster. Nvidia tends to be power hungry.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8GHz
Vid Card: Geforce 9400GT
OS: Windows 7 ultimate 32-bit
I've been an Nvidia User since i've been around computer building.

One of the reasons for this is because A.) ATI, requires you to use their GPU control panel(Which i heard might be changed now). 2.) I stick to what i know and what works for me, and mostly because Nvidia is an awesome name and my 3D Vision makes me a happy camper Laugh

But i will say this, Nvidia is making some pretty big errors with their GPU's seeing as how the one in the 250 is known as the G92 which is in about 7 other cards. Most of the GPU's nowadays are old chips overclocked and given a bigger heatsinc to make up for it. (Nvidia is huge on that not sure about ATI as much.)
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It comes down to personal preference and past experience, I guess.
I always fared well with Nvidia but had bad luck with one ATI card.
So for me it's Nvidia when shopping for a new GPU.

There isn't really a lot of a difference between the 2 brands though.
You get different drivers, different bugs, different strengths and weaknesses.

As soon as you've decided you get free membership in the fanboy club for your brand of choice though! Tongue2
(11-13-2010, 07:11 AM)Flokk Wrote: One of the reasons for this is because A.) ATI, requires you to use their GPU control panel(Which i heard might be changed now)

That's just plain wrong. Since years you can choose what kind of ATI driver you want to download: With Catalyst Control Center or just the plain driver without any GUI. There is even a complete replacement program called ATI Tray Tools. It has been around for years. So yeah, actually it is Nvidia forcing you to use their control panel, it is included in every driver and there is no replacement.

At any rate, the only difference between Nvidia and ATI is the name for me. If I look for a new card, I look for the card that suits me most and has the best price/performance ratio. Fanboyism is so freaking stupid.
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It's not so much fanboyism as it is, i go with what i've used my whole life, and what works for me. My mother's computer has an integrated Graphics card and its ATI and it requires you to use the Catalyst program can't get it without.
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