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The official what are you doing right now thread
Bored, curious, itching to type, or all the above? Then let people know what you're currently doing right now.

Right now I'm transcoding or converting my freshly made video, after that I'll upload it to Youtube and Gametrailers. I made the first mock lyrics or fan made lyrics (funny version) video of Zone of the Enders. I've finished with Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner lyrics and once it's done I will post the lyrics and the video here once it's uploaded. I could post the finalized lyrics right now, but there's a reason as to why I'll wait, and I think you guys know why =]

The lyrics start at 2:16

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Errm.. sitting at my desk wondering why i am still playing Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3 at 3am.... ;p
sitting at my desk wondering what she's still doing playing tony hawk at 3am and wanting to go to bed Tongue
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here at the office looking at my Craptop and thinking a proper reply to this thread of your's
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Just browsing the Internet at the moment before I get into some games.

Checking E-Mail, Checking a number of Forums, checking my bank online to see if there's been any suspicious transactions.

Edit: Oh, and listening to some RWS music from Spyro Dawn of the Dragon in Foobar (extracted myself :x). Which makes me wish PCSX2 SPU2-X sounded like this (Spyro Dawn of the Dragon music sounds "mono" in PCSX2 o.O)
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Right now i am playing old PS 1 GAMES and writing this to this forum. Tongue2
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Replying to a topic that's mostly filled with posts about how they are replying to this topic.... oh god a chain is forming!

I assume you actually mean what in general I'm doing? Thinking about the fact that my vacation starts tomorrow and debating whether I want to play some more Generation of CE... my most beloved import title ever.
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ah well if we're talking about "in general" I'm enjoying the first weekend of my easter holiday from college and am being forced to test my ps2 game collection by ref ;p
right now I am trying to compress a 1gb worth of files [daily, weekly ,monthly system status reports backup] using the new PAQ8 algorithm compression just to see how good it is and it has already been 2 and half hours since I started and its still not finished yet dont know how many more files it has to compress since its CMD Program I am using no way to tell what percentage it is in
My New PC
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siting in my chair thinking about how i am going to write my enormous homework

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