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The problems i have.... please look into it once. ^.^
I exclusively registered to ask my problems, I mean the emulator's. I am totally a ....<Noob>, because I do not know anything at all about the emulator. I don't even know what are BIOS (apart from its full form which was 'Basic Input Output System' when I Googled it.) So my problem.....

I installed PCSX2 into my Pc, I inserted a Dvd of a Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks into the Drive, I opened the file (pcsx2t.exe, it said to do so in another guide) I clicked File => Run Cd/Dvd, After that the program asks me to select the file I have to open****. I have no idea what to do because I don't know what file to open. It shows some .bin files which are in different folders of the Cd. The game is Mortal Kombat Shaolin Monks. After tweaking and messing around with the emulator I made it work! It went on loading a lot of files after that the Sony Corp. Title Thingy came into view, but the speed was drastically slow! Imagine taking 5 hrs to do a minutes work...hard to imagine but that WAS the speed. I waited for half hour for something special to happen but no luck at all! I tried to run the .elf file from the File =>Run Elf File menu, again the emulator asked me to choose a file, there was only one .elf file in the Dvd so I selected it, then it asked to choose another file again, I chose the same file again, after selecting it the emulator loaded some files and the game window came into view but with a Problem (The Send Error Report , Don't Send Error Report thing). I am totally confused, the many guides online do not explain each and everything, I did my Best.

I know many would call me a Retard/Noob and the like, but I really have No Idea of this and I totally want to use this application which would help me save money.

Thanks (if you helped me)
Thanks again (if you didn't, but please leave the reason for that)


**** The picks are in Attachments..

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In configure > cdvdrom select peops.
Then enter the config for that and select the drive letter of your dvd drive.
Then hit run cd.
Umm thanks rama, but still it shows me a dont send / send error report thingy which I cannot understand why? please help again and please try to be more specific ^.*
First of all make sure to read the guide rama posted, thoroughly. Also post your system specs and version of the emulator you're using. We cant really help you unless we know what kind of speed and emu options you have. And lastly, if you know of any fluent English speaking friends that can read and write in English get them to proofread your long posts for you so that we can better help you. But my suggestion is this, try using the newest version (beta build or playground) of the emulator along with the newest plugins, all which can be found in the download sections.
[Image: 1283060.png]
(01-16-2009, 10:16 PM)rama Wrote: ...
In configure > cdvdrom select peops.
Then enter the config for that and select the drive letter of your dvd drive.
Then hit run cd.

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