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Threads being rated 1 star all over the place.
I am new here so I can't say if this is normal or not.
But for the most part on forums I visit not many threads get rated unless they go on for a long time or offer some very good advice.
Now there are a lot of threads like that on this forum and I am very grateful for that.
What is puzzling me is the amount of seemingly harmless and run of the mill threads that are being rated with one star.
Is someone just going through the forum and rating threads low for the hell of it?
Not important just an observation.

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Mad props to whomever rated this thread with 1 star Laugh

I never really noticed the rating system before, but I do seem to see a lot of 1-star threads that are probably worthy of more. Could just be someone going around and rating them all 1, or a fluke.
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Yeah I thought that was pretty special.
I don't know I guess someone is just really disappointed with everything.
Phenom 955 x4 @ 3.6
4GB DDR3 @ 1500
It's some lame members abusing the system,probably because they got some warning or their thread locked. Seems like they think they can get 'revenge' on us this way Tongue
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uh, never noticed there were ratings on threads
i've just click on 1 star rate...

wtf this thread meant to be?
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It's not like the rating system is that important. I think it's more like something that came as a "default" with the forum system.

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