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Turbo Boost for i7
Can I keep Intel's turbo boost on. My proccessor goes at 1.60 GHz. The max turbo boost for me is 2.9 GHz. Can I keep the clock speed there?

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No, you wouldn't even want that TB. That's your TB as a single core, not as 2 core (what PCSX2 uses).

The best way would probably be to disable HT and 2 of your cores (in BIOS). But, I'm not too sure your lapptop's BIOS would have these options. Otherwise, open up Task Manager when PCSX2 is running, right click on PCSX2's process and set the "affinity" for just 2 cores. This may help "encourage" the 2 core boost (which I'm pretty sure would be 2.4Ghz. i7-720QM, right?)

Also, make sure your "Power Plan" is on something like "High Performance".
its fine, my processor plays at 2.4ghz just fine when using pcsx2. You should be able to get a little more (2.5ish or 6 maybe).
Windows 7 - Asus G73jh-a1 - 17-720qm @ 1.6 GHz (2.8 GHz)(2.4ghz)(1.73ghz) - ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870 @ 700/1000 (sometimes oc to 800/1100) - 8 gig ram
i got it. ty for the help Laugh

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