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Unpacking Star ocean 3 ISO file
Hello my friends -

is there any way to unpack/decode the star ocean 3 director's cut ISO??

I've seen talk of "undubbed" star ocean diretor's cuts.. so SOMEONE out there has figured this out.

I own the original game and I can dump it ok and play off of the dump (so as to keep original disc intact).

I tried isobuster, but it just gives me some dummy files, along with the big dirty ISO;

I've tried viewing the file in a hex editor, but it is all in binary, there is very little ascii text inside..

does this mean that they are using symbols+fonts to create all of the text in the game?

if so then maybe I can discover a pattern and create a cipher for the text references?

anyways... I searched google ALL Day and I searched other forums and this forum, and couldn't find anything to help me with this.



ps, pcsx2 runs like a dream for me... I love it. playing star ocean 3 at 1080p is the way to go.. i can read all the little spam text decals that the ps2 made blurry hehehehe.

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This doesn't seem related to pcsx2, moved.

I think you'd be better asking in some PS2 modding community or something.
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