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"Used games are worse than piracy" - Publishers
So...there's been alot of debate lately. X720 will not allow used games to be played on you ask? Well every X720 game will have a ID on the game disc, which will automatically be registered to your X720 if you play it. This is a Hardware ID as well, and requires a Internet connection to play any game, including Singleplayer. If you try it in another system, it will detect that the copy has been registered to another system and will just not play. Goodbye to bringing a copy to a friends house. Tongue

Quote:If anything I would say used game sales are much more harmful because they're legal and people don't think it's wrong.

Quote:We don't see any money out of used game sales, and that's not fair.

So now it's IMMORAL to buy used games. Yeap, you're a bad person taking money out of starving developers mouths.

Quote:Herein is the dilema no one wants to talk about right? We CANNOT in ANY WAY cater to people that buy used games exclusively right? We see ZERO revenue. Now as a consumer you may care nothing about that, and that is absolutely your right and we respect that.

However we are a business, we have 400 people, every single one of them is awesome, but I just can't get them to work for free, so we need to make money to pay them, to make more awesome games.

My response:

Core i5 2500K @ 4.5GHZ, 8GB RAM 1866MHZ, 1080 GTX Strix, 128GB Samsung 830 SSD + 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD +  2 1TB HDDs.) Windows 7 64-bit Professional

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Is that confirmed or just rumors? Because I read something similar on but it was on a rumor level. If that's true, an internet connection will be required to run any game? That won't go well for the console...
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Well it's for the X720. PS4 might, might not, hopefully not. I won't be getting any console that blocks used games...I already have a PC.
Core i5 2500K @ 4.5GHZ, 8GB RAM 1866MHZ, 1080 GTX Strix, 128GB Samsung 830 SSD + 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD +  2 1TB HDDs.) Windows 7 64-bit Professional
I wanted to panic, then I saw it's just about new Xbox;P soo whatever...

*Waiting for a package with his used and abused cheap copy of most epic ps2 game ever - KA2, to master sucking at it;P*
that is why i hate dirtysoft and like SONY ( waiting for PS4 )
Need source, otherwise as it's a guaranteed fail I don't see microsoft is dumb enough to truly implement this. Remember the always on drm of ubisoft? It was effective (hawx 2 hasn't yet cracked to this day afaik) yet they don't use it anymore probably because no one buy their game with it and that's just on one publisher.
Hawx 2 was cracked instantly. What are you talking about? It only hurt the REAL customers.
Core i5 2500K @ 4.5GHZ, 8GB RAM 1866MHZ, 1080 GTX Strix, 128GB Samsung 830 SSD + 1TB Samsung 850 Evo SSD +  2 1TB HDDs.) Windows 7 64-bit Professional
As far as I know, nope, there's still no working crack for it at least according to comments as I have no desire to try it.

By the way, even draconian pc games DRM still allow you to use the game on different hardware for limited number of activation yet it still generate enough negative vibe

I really don't see microsoft risk going through those, but if they do, then their next console already losing appeal to a lot of people long before it's even released.
I agree that all these anti piracy 'acts' really only affect the people who are actually paying and playing legitimately, and it will most likely hurt their sales more than the pirates imo. People will always find ways around these measures, and the ones doing what they're not supposed to be doing regarding S/W will continue to do so as long as there's a WWW.

The only reason I buy consoles anymore is so I'm not missing out on the occastional good RPG for them, otherwise I wouldn't even look at them, sticking cheap inferior h/w into a plastic box and charging 6 times it's actual worth for it, excluding the early PS3's that were apprently losing money lol
There's been articles on these 'lost sales' before and they basically conclude that these are brain dead management decisions.
People buy used *and* new games, and as much as their funds allow.
A common gamer might purchase 5 new games per year, and maybe 15 used ones.
If you disallow used games, how much more new games will he buy you think?
Right, 1 or maybe 2, *if* he even continues to be a gamer!
At these expenses, a whole lot of people will just move to more affordable hobbies.

So yea, it's like the piracy debate really.
Backwards financial management demands their own companies demise, just for the short term profit.

Edit: What's up Asmodean, didn't know you had an account here Tongue2

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