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Using Light Gun with PCSX
Hi there,

I'm completely new here so if I am out of line please tell me so immediately. I was wondering if its possible to post a question about PCSX in this forum? I realise that it appears to be strictly PCSX2 content but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be much in the way of help anywhere else so I thought I'd just ask.

So here's my issue:

I'm wanting to play Time Crisis: Project Titan on PCSX using a light gun. The light gun works on a normal PS1 and so I know there are no compatibility issues. The problem seems to be getting it to run via the emulator on my computer.

I realise that you need a CRT screen for the light gun to work. Fortunately, I have one and my computer is connected to it via a "PC to Video" box.

The USB adapter I have does work for other controllers and the light gun controller definitely connects (the buttons work) but it doesn't appear to be possible to calibrate.

Why bother, you ask? It needs to be running on my computer so that I can extract the data from the USB controller. I'm doing it for an art project. I know how to do this, so won't need any help with that.

If there is anyone that knows how to do this or has tried before, any help would be appreciated.


*edit* running OS X Snow Leopard

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