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Using turbo controller on PS2 for hours
My controller have two turbo modes:
1.If I press and hold the turbo button and press X for example,the turbo will be enabled for X when I press X
2.If I do the same thing again(turbo is already enabled on X),the turbo will be used automatically(without pressing X it will send repeatedly the X button command without pressing the button)

The question is,can something bad happen to the PS2/controller if I leave it in turbo mode 2 for hours(I'm leveling up).

What worries me is that the turbo is WAY fast...a least 10 times pressing the X button per second.

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It shouldn't damage the controller in anyway, shape or form. It's like you said, it's just sending the X button signal and nothing more.
Worst case scenario, your system becomes flooded with I/O signals and slows down to a crawl, but that only happens if you're running an Atom, or similar CPU.
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I used to do this with my old ps1 while playing final fantasy 7. I put something heavy on the R1 or whatever button it was so you would keep running around in circles while Auto X was on so it would lvl my materia while i was sleeping.
(01-23-2011, 08:28 AM)vsub Wrote: What worries me is that the turbo is WAY fast...a least 10 times pressing the X button per second.

only 10? NES controllers did 20 and I can out-press them lol

but to answer about damage, if I can play a game for 16 hrs with this kind of speed and the controller isn't damaged (and not meant to do it), what's the likelyness a turbo function (designed to do it) could?

(note I haven't tested myself against any PS2 speeds/functions yet, but I know I always out did the NES ones)
I think it's at least 10 because I can't find a good game to test the turbo...on what I've testes it looks like 10-15 per second but if I try it on one game on my pc(beat'em up side scroller)the character is moving is hand(to hit)way above 10 per second
well, while not a PS2 game, track and field for NES would be a good place to check it.

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