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ValDanX other ps2 emulator with the pcsx2 code????


I found this project on internet. If everything is true this is a modified version of the pcsx2.

Did anyone try this emulator?

If yes, what do you think about it?

here is the project adress.

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There is already a thread about this. I seriously wonder how people hear of these projects 0_o
[Image: newsig.jpg]
Yell probably they don't have good speed and search for some alternative
Lo Bositman

This Program ValDanX!!!
I just checked it and it is the beta release you guys made they simply changed the .exe or shortcut names it's downright piracy and plagerism...;(((

FARK them man...
It's probably just a try to spread malware. God forbid somebody touches the precompiled file that's on google code. That guy seems to be really stupid.
It is a genuine mod of PCSX2, though we have our doubts about its usefulness.
There is this other thread about it already, please use that one.

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