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Valkyrie CZ-17
I've been stalking this computer across the internet like a creepy ex-lover (and the price just shot UP on Tiger Direct by $300 today, WTH?!):

The Valkyrie. I think it's the one for me. It will sate my PC gaming needs at an awesome price (compared to, say, an Alienware, which, while a bit better, is a significantly higher price point). I will name it Lenneth. Biggrin

But I'm wondering... Is this thing also worth the money for Pcsx2? I have trolled through lots of old build-me-a-laptop! threads with lots of great general advice, but haven't found any discussion for this particular beast...

There are also lots of options for customization for the Valkyrie.

As far as speed is concerned, every option is a quad core, but getting the fastest is smartest... If I'm understanding correctly. Wink

But what about hard drives? SSD? Extra data hard drives? Not too sure about what to do there.

I was also wondering if any brilliant computer gurus had any other random advice regarding this decision?

I've proudly slogged through Silmeria, start to finish, at about 45-50 FPS on an i3. I've learned all about how to cut corners on pcsx2 for optimization... but now I'm sick of all that and want to indulge. I want clear sound! Better graphics! All the things I've always dreamed about!

Skipdraw + Devil May Cry gave me one too many seizures, and nothing can be done to fix the see-through empty polygon bodies of people in Ephemeral Fantasia, and that's just... creepy... haha. I also get about 0.25 FPS in the last level of We <3 Katamari if I try to roll up The King. Wacko

New computer time! *shakes fist*

(Also, please note, that while the desktop-vs-laptop issue has been greatly deliberated, the fact that I actually don't own a proper desk is something of a dealbreaker. The cost of buying a desk and a desk chair would equal or exceed the difference in cost of a laptop, and it would completely destroy the feng-shui of my house. Wink )

I'm very grateful for all the help and input. Thank you so much!

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If you're in need of a help quickly because of Christmas or something, you and I should work something out so I can help you instantly. We can use FB or some chat system if you'd like.
Onwards to your laptop and general info.

Yes, quicker will always be better for PCSX2.

SSD's are a great upgrade if you want your computer to be as responsive as the rest of your hardware. Everything will literally load as quick as it can, and if you want, search some SSD vs. Hard drive boot up videos, SSD's can load 50 + programs in 10 seconds after getting to the Welcome window. It's pretty crazy, but it's not necessary for PCSX2, it's a general upgrade if anything.

For memory, I recently read some benchmarks where the faster the memory, the better performance in games at high/max quality, so if you can, get 2133 or 2400mhz ram. If you're concerned about "how much" 8 GB is more than enough and anymore will be a method of future proofing. I'm assuming that since quicker ram scales well with other programs, PCSX2 would also benefit, even if it is small.

Since Windows 8 is brand new and not everything is stable or updated with it, I recommend staying on Windows 7, unless you really want 8.

If you're wanting to play PCSX2 without cutting corners, such as VU Cycle Stealing or EE Cycle Stealing, I'm afraid you'll need a desktop. For instance, if your a fan of MGS3 and you want to play that with 3x native resolution without Cycle Stealing, a very powerful and speedy CPU will be needed. The GPU is less important in emulation than the CPU, even if you want to play at HD resolutions, aka 3x-4x native resolution.

Is there a specific reason you want a laptop? Is it going to be used for College or will it always be at your home? If you have an HDTV you may want to give some thought into building a small form factor PC and use a wireless keyboard/mouse and a PS3/360 controller for PCSX2. If the HDTV method is a bit of a stretch and you absolutely don't want a desktop of any-sort, what's the budget you're aiming for?

Also, don't listen to the dude above, he's wrong on quite a few points.

Source for the memory claim. **
Oh my goodness... Now I've been inspired to think about desktops, and determined web surfing has left me with a completely different plan...

Does anyone know any affordable custom desktop building websites? For roughly $2000, it looks like I can get the following...

-i7 3930K, 6 cores @ 320 GHz, 12 MB cache (there is nothing faster without spending WAAY more)
-Video: NVIDIA GTX 680. 2GB or 4GB? Is this card a solid choice?
-Memory: 2133 MHz, comes in 4GBx4 or 4GBx8. Slower speeds come in 8GBx4 and 8GBx8. Which is best?

-Mobo: I. Have. No. Idea. Default offered is "ASUS P9X79 LE Intel X79 Chipset Quad Channel DDR3 ATX w/ Remote GO!, 7.1 HD Audio, GbLAN, 3 Gen3 PCIe X16, 2 PCIe X1 & 1 PC"... any thoughts?

-Hard drive: 60 GB x 2 SSD, does that work for starters?

-Onboard sound: should be fine?

What about extra fans, fancy coolant, tower upgrades, etc? Is there anything I need to be legitimately wary about?

This is like a bottomless pit of possibilities. Wacko

Thanks again! Biggrin
If you're wanting to get a desktop, why don't you try to build one yourself, it'll save you an intense amount of money and it can be as custom as you want it to be, also, with you building it, the parts, style and general coolness can be determined by you, and I can help you with the parts you need.

From what you've given, do not get the i7 3930k, it's a waste of intense money, instead get a 3770k because it has Hyper threading, while the i5 3570k does not.
For memory 2133 MHz is great, but 2400 will be just a bit better. For the setup, strive for a 4x4 setup. 4 sticks of 4GB if you want 16GB, or 4*2GB for 8GB of ram. You want 4 sticks due to either quad channel or dual channel configurations, in general it makes the ram run better since everything is synchronized.

Because I suggest not going with the 3930k processor, the motherboard will have to be a Z77. The brands that have a good reputation are the MSI M-Power Z77, Gigabyte boards, Asus ROG (Republic of Gamer) and the general high end Asus boards.

For the hard drive, because SSD's are so cheap I recommend getting a 240GB SSD for PC games and programs and for Windows itself, and if you have a lot of music or you rip movies to your computer, get a 1TB hard drive for storage. The Hard drives and SSD dilemma is all up to your needs and what you want and use your computer for, I would need more information before I suggest the perfect amounts.

Onboard sound is something I always argue against, but that's because I run on an old, but very nice, Logitech 5.1 setup. If you care about sound, get a sound card. The Creative Sound Blaster Z series just came out and they are, as of today, the best bang for the buck, and before I get flamed for saying Creative, the Z series of sound cards have had huge driver updates to the point where not buying a Z card is plain stupidity. Without even knowing what kind of audio setup you run, I would still buy a sound card, they really do add so much more to games.

The GTX 680 is a great graphics card for what it is, but as of today the AMD 7970 (although I'm unsure how it performs in PCSX2, but because it is a monster, I wouldn't worry about it) gives better performance and you get 3 free games with the purchase of it ( Sleeping Dogs (Think GTA in China), Far Cry 3, and Hitman: Absolution. If you're going to play PC games and you want NVidia's claimed PhysX technology, I suggest getting a GTX 670 since the 70 and 80 perform a little to close to each other.

For the misc., the only real worry here is how you want your computer to look like. LED fans, big 140mm fans, super quiet fans, loud fans but with super performance. Do you want the desktop to be more quiet than a mouse, or does sound not bother you as much. Do you want to get a closed loop water-cooling setup for your CPU ( something as of now I recommend ). Do you want your tower to be big and masculine with a huge window to see all your precious hardware in all of it's glory, or small and silent so you can put it aside?

Building a PC is something that many find to be pretty great, and it's not all that hard, and you really do save a ton of money, and because I'm helping you, I can recommend the right parts without much bias. I always look at performance and price instead of company.

If you're interested in what PhysX is, here is a video of all the games that support it with quick demos. ** He has just about every game showing PhysX.

What's the primary use for the PC/Laptop (if that's something your still considering).

Also, because your not in a hurry, there has recently been a leak of info for AMD's new GPU roadmap, and by March there should be some new GPU's to consider, so just keep that in mind.

If you're worried about building your own PC, I know some great videos from *famed* tech people that show how easy and simple it is to put together. If you absolutely don't want to build a computer. I'll look around and see who builds what for what prices and reply back to you when you reply to this message.
Just bought a desktop from cyber for a little less then what it would of cost me on ibuypower's website for the exact same specs. they current have some holiday deals going on as well.
Wow, thanks again for all the generous help and info! Laugh

I did discover that exact same website last night... and it's definitely best to build your own (those flashy, expensive PCs are great inspiration, though Wink ).

This computer would be STRICTLY for gaming. I sort of don't even want to defile it with internet (MMOs and I are best kept apart, anyway...). The laptop I have now is superb for trolling forums and downloading content of questionable origin ("JUST CLICK THESE FIVE THINGS, ENTER YOUR SSN, AND THE DOWNLOAD STARTS, I SWEAR!").

I've got a couple of TBs for external storage, so I'm ambivalent about how much space I really need (to start, anyway) for a gaming PC. Just something fast... so I never have to press Skipdraw again. Laugh

I had no idea about the hyper threading, that was an awesome tip. That's also good to know about the sound... if Capcom ports dMc to PC, for sure I will want to rock out!

Would you recommend shopping around at different websites for parts? Do most places that sell parts sell empty towers? O.o I ran the other way screaming from Physics class, but once upon a time I was a whiz with the K'nex and think it might be really awesome to build my own (I discovered today there's also a client at my work I could get in touch with if things go too far south).

I'm also thinking, some places might have boxing day sales/price drops after Christmas.

The most intimidating part about building it is the prospect of wrongly installing fans/cooling, and watching my dreams (along with my hard-earned dollars) burn to the ground. :X

Edit: Someone else also linked me to, but they don't offer all of the specs discussed here... Notably more memory options and video cards seem to be lacking.
Well I can give you a list of all the parts needed for you to build your computer if you give me the budget for this build. I'll also need to know if the entire budget is going into the tower itself, or if you'll want peripherals like a keyboard/mouse and whatnot. It'll be nice to know what the general style for the case would be, and I can link you some when you give me a budget figure to work with.

There is nothing to really worry about when building a PC, just make sure to read and watch YouTube videos of people putting them together and when it comes time for you to do it, take your time and it'll be fine. Most of the parts are just about sticking it into their respectable slots, aside from installing the motherboard, and the heat-sink/radiator. for the CPU.

I do believe the new dMc game will be ported to the PC, it's the date that is currently on TBA.

Because we're gonna want to buy all the parts together, Newegg is going to be your best friend (besides me) for the upcoming months.
Budget is +/- $2000.

I will need a BASIC mouse and keyboard (I already have some spiffy controllers)... and a monitor. I've seen some decent ones around the 21'' mark.

For tower style... haha, how about silent, sleek, and glowing? Laugh But that's not a huge priority.

Now I have to go and explore Newegg!

A million thanks, again.
I'm still awake, so I'll go do a quick build of what you'll need. I'll list some cases/monitors you can use.
I posted a quick picture of everything except a case and fans, since that's all very subjective.

For fans, NZXT FZ series fans, BitFenix Spectre Pro's, Corsair AF 120/140 (depending on case) quiet edition, or Noctua NF-P12 fans will all be fine.

If you want your case to glow, literally. NZXT Hue is a great add-on. It's an LED strip with a drive-bay controller. It's made of RGB LEDs and it can do some fancy stuff, it's $30 if you can find it.

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