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Very good wireless gamepad for Vista? (PS3 like)

well currently I use a Logitech Rumblepad 2. It works fine and since the form is similiar to PS2/PS3 controllers I like it. But I hate the cable because I am used to the wireless PS3 controller. Unfortunately it is impossible to get the PS3 controller to work in Vista x64.

So what I need is a controller similiar to the PS3 one. I don't really need vibration so this doesn't matter. Most important for me is that the controller's layout is the same as for PS2/PS3 and that it is wireless.

Any suggestions?

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You do know there is a wireless version of that Logitech rumblepad 2 don't you? Tongue It's the one I have as well but I'd prefer the wired one (was a present). Hate changing batteries
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ah I see so you only get wireless ones with batteries? The PS3 controller is nice as you can charge it easily with USB cable (and play at the same time). And if you have 2 controllers you can charge one while using the other one Smile. That reminds me I still have a wireless Logitech PS2 controller so I could buy an adapter and use it but it also needs batteries Sad.

Well so maybe anyone knows a gamepad which can be charged with USB cable?
you could try searching on google. Tongue
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same here it's wireless,Plug and Play(No need drivers)(WinXP-SP2),it's quite heavy,must handle w/ care,has a potential to chew up the batteries energy even is not use..
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I solved the issue quite easily. Since I still have a Logitech Wireless PS2 Pad I just bought an adapter which works fine in Vista x64. For batteries I just got 4x chargable so one pair is always full while the other one is charged. But so far first pair still holds for 2 Weeks Smile.
If you already have an xbox360 those are nice game pads for the pc, not too PS2/3 like but has very good driver support and it works both ways (the wired use GH3 controller(for pc) works on xbox 360) and many games are supported for these gamepads.
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hmm nice idea and since I am going to get a xbox360 elite I might give it a try. Can I use the xbox360 controller wireless on a PC? I don't have Bluetooth on my PC...
If you mind don't the USB cable, you could just use your PS3 Sixaxis or Dualshock 3. Google Sixaxis driver for the driver ;D
Need to overclock my computer o-o
here's my video guys wirelessed!!
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