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Video card recommendation needed
Hello, I am looking to purchase a video card good for playstation2 emulation, gamecube emulation and general use and i need some help plz Laugh i am hoping for hdmi outputs, however DVi is okay too, please two outputs at least for hdmi or dvi.

My computer is Dell Inspiron 530s guts inside a fullsized tower. i am looking for a video card compatible with my computer as well as a recommendation for the *best* video card that may or may not be compatible.

target price: 100$

if u can help it will be greatly appreciated LaughLaugh Wacko Laugh

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Radeon 5670
9800GT "Green Edition"

The following might be iffy depending on your power supply:
9800GT (regular clock)

Not so sure about ATI. I remember reading a post saying NVIDIA works better for Dolphin. If you still want to consider ATI, though, here's a list:

Again, might be iffy on the PSU:
I'd go for the 4850.
[Image: 1454055.png]
the 530 comes with a 250/300/350 watt power supply you will need to see what your power supply wattage is before a gfx card can be recommended as your options are slim anyway.

Please also list specs because I have looked at some 530 specs and some are terrible but some came with a 2.6ghz c2d. If your specs are poor probably not worth upgrading it and just build/buy a better spec comp. With the PSU's dell gives there ain't really room for a decent card at all.
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