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Virtual desktop?
I want to control my desktop with my laptop, over my lan.
For comfort reasons.. (I no longer have a desk)
What is the fastest program for this? While Lightly gaming (league of legends, oblivion) Laugh

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well you can try vnc although i don't if you can remotely play a game.u won't know till u try Wink
I tried doing this a few months ago and hit a giant roadblock... that roadblock being that no VNCs I could find are designed for gaming on ANY level even over wired lan, let alone wifi or through hotspots. Really disappointing because I do use and enjoy OnLive so there is no reason why such a system can't exist on a local wireless network, but if there is software out there that can accomplish it, I had zero luck finding it.
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I'm not sure, but isn't OnLive sending you a video of the game you are playing, not the native game itself?

If that's the case you would be suprised how ***** the desktop would look like in a compressed video.

And even if there is a program to compress the screen at a reasonable resolution and bitrate:

Will your PC be able to encode in REALTIME the entire screen + processing your every move and send it through LAN?

I think not.

But again, I don't know what OnLive does exactly.
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Maybe look into VMware, I recall that had some 3D support. Still you'll probably get better results from your laptop lol
(08-20-2011, 02:05 AM)synce Wrote: Maybe look into VMware, I recall that had some 3D support. Still you'll probably get better results from your laptop lol

Wrong. remote desktop had good performance in pcsx2.. one problem
It crashes now :/ doesnt work like it did the first time,
didn't change a thing either
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VMWare may work but it's kinda pointless as it's a very expensive program some version 3K per license.
(08-20-2011, 04:21 AM)Livy Wrote: TeamViewer.

YES TeamViewer is perfect for those stuffs but beware YOU NEED A HIGH SPEED INTERNET
if it's a pc within the same LAN, you could always just set it to have the same workgroup and allow remote desktop. that way you can control ur pc with ur laptop
that's what i do Laugh but haven't tried playing pcsx2 over it but it works like a charm for simple things Laugh
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