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Wasn't sure where or whether to post this, but...
...I figured if there was a "safe" place to do so, it'd be here.
I'm not exactly a useful addition to the community. For my lack in coding proficiency and/or beefy hardware to beta for you with, I apologize. But whether or not I know how to program, I'm fluent in a universal language: gratitude. It's hard to put into words how incredible I think it is a group of people with only vocal support--no cash involved--have taken the time, effort, and care into creating this monstrous emulator. It's, by far, the most impressive emulation project I've ever run across.

There are bajillions (roughly) of options, hacks that tend to the problems certain games create, very impressive graphical plugins, sound quality that is astonishing in its accuracy at times, and the pad support is pretty unreal. It just says something about the capability of people dedicated to a cause (and about the advancement of technology) that this has come to be such a successful realized aspiration. It also says something about the tightening of my jeans in the crotch region when I run FF12 at playable speeds.

For years of work, I know one random guy's gratitude is hardly any compensation, but I'd still like to extend heartfelt thanks to everybody who made it happen. It's incredible.

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