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Water Mark !
I've recently started the Memes industry Biggrin

and i want to know how i can make a Watermark

do i need a Program or something ? Unsure

i am good with the usage of Mouse and stuffs

but i suck when it comes to actual Photoshop Tongue

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a watermark is fairly simple, i dont have time to explain but i can point you in the right direction

the key is layers, you want a translucent image (the watermark you want) on the top layer whilst having the item you want watermarked under it

when you save it as a flat image the watermark will be embedded in the image
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If you use photoshop, make a new layer, put your watermark (text or w/e) on it. then go to the layer properties (right click it on the layer list then blending options) then drag the opacity slider down to the desired level.
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Thanks a lot for the tips.
I also needed the mechanism of creating watermarks)
Now I know how it's done. It's really quite simple.

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