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We Didn’t Have That When I Was A Kid! : WoW In-Game Support Helps With Homework Now?
This is allegedly an actual screenshot from a kid who sent the World of Warcraft in-game customer support a calculus problem he needed to finish before he could get his game on (but you were already playing!), and the response he received. Now I failed the everliving ***** out of Calculus so I don't know if the answer is right or not, but I do know at least dude here has a scapegoat if he has to write his answer on the chalkboard in front of the whole class.
Image Link:
Img : [Image: 6-7.jpg]

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Tech guys usualy need to do high math whatever you call in it in your country so makes sense that the gm could answer that.
That's epic will have to try this myself lol.
For sure, but I wouldn't have expected customer support to solve math problems for you, lol.
that's a GM really wanting to help people, unlike in some games... (Perfect world...) where they never even reply when you call for them
You just don't know how to get on the GM's good side Tongue2
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no, the GMs are just plain lazy.. or they automate their help requests, one of the 2. a bot can't see what a real problem is, when a character loops a few steps all the time, and it flags it as fine.

It wasn't till after all this mess of the lack of GM help I started getting on their bad side lol
Don't expect PCSX2 admins to solve your math ;P
(02-22-2011, 03:41 PM)Falcon4ever Wrote: Don't expect PCSX2 admins to solve your math ;P
ok then.. *goes to mods instead*

wow wish Special Force Philippines had that kind of support GM's there do nothing at all and is the only special force version with huge memory leaks during loading which causes those with below 2g's of ram to have slow very slow loading and is the only version in the world to have this problem and the sad part they do not intend to fix it instead they just changed the minimum requirement from P3 1ghz and 256mb of ram to Core2duo 1.8ghz and 2g's of ram make's me sick hope the company goes bankrupt one day
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