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Website (Forum) is complete (Freelancers)
[Image: 12310.png]

I don't mean to spam, but if you have time please check out what I made at and give me feedback. I'll take feedback and suggestions and utilize them to improve the site.

Also to everyone that wanted it : Sorry, but the multi-theme selector needs to be worked on for a while before it'll work properly. I need to properly make new CSS for different styles and then find a place to keep them for the theme changer. Before I was just using pre-made styles I found around the net because I was already so busy with making the more important features of our site (like OUR OWN codes), but they're not compatible with our site because our site is custom designed - I need to make new style designed for our site. CSS designed for default PhpBB3 boards just will not do. So, those of you that wanted darker themes are going to have to wait for a bit, sorry.

Also, I've made a lot of JavaScripts that are active in the site. Let me know if you come across any errors in the such.

Remember that the page you land on when going to the site is the portal, not the "Home" page where the forums are.

Now I just need ideas for what the site can be used for. I already know I'll use it for gaming and making games, but what else comes to mind? Tongue

It's obviously setup as a support site for the most part. At first I felt like doing emulator help, but that's what sites like PCSX2 already exist for...

Some input from the admins and devs here would be much appreciated Laugh

Note : We will soon register real domain name and get rid of Ads. In the meantime, I recommend you get AdBlock.
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My Guide to PCSX2 for Windows (outdated, but still generally accurate)

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