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Weird time on PS2 console
My Slim PS2 (SCPH-77001) has been unable to show/utilize the correct time for a while now.

All it will do is stay at 1/1/2000 12:00AM. It will not increment even one second more or less.

Attempting to change the time in system cfg only results in the PS2 immediately setting back to the time stated above (aka cant even specify a new time in time setting).

Also the usually moving blue dots in the main screen are steady and won't move.

But all PS2 games play just fine, just timestamps on the game saves on the memory card get the 1/1/2000 time stamp too (grr autosave).

Weird, any suggestions?

P.S. Not sure if this has anything to do with this, but for a while before the time error stated above started, CodeBreaker would not recognize any USB drive.

Edit: forgot to mention: Console is date code: 7B
edit2: finally wrote down model number

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Your battery in your PS2 (for time keeeping Tongue2) is flat, so it is reverting to the factory date. You will need to find a way to change it, on a fat model it's on its own little circuit board, attached to the side of the case, not sure on a slim model
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Can it be easily changed like CMOS battery?
it is a cmos battery
Strange that it would die so quickly, usually these battery's have a 10~ year life span, maybe it got dislodged (if the console was kicked or thrown..dropped ..etc), shouldn't be too hard to change though, might want to test the current battery with a multimeter to make sure its dead first before wasting money on a new battery Smile
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Shouldn't those batteries cost like $1 anyway?
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A dead battery..hmm. That was my guess I had before posting here.
Although it makes no sense to me why a dead battery would keep the console from keeping time (correct or not) once its booted up.

Any tutorials on where the battery is on a Slim?

Edit: I don't remember that console ever being dropped..once out of the box.
Does the PS2 still in its box falling down in the shopping cart count (as that did happen) as being dropped?
I dont know if the PS2 is like a PC and uses mains power if it's there. Its possible it always relies on the battery but i couldnt say for sure.

As for fall damage, it depends how hard it moved, but generally it shouldnt happen easily ;p
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After watching several slim ps2 disassembly videos, I'm still confused as to where the battery is.
Must remember what the model number of the console is...

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