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What do you think of an Intel Core i7-860 processor?
What do you think of an Intel Core i7-860 processor? It has 2.8 Gigs. How good is it for PCSX2 Emulator?

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It's good - I'm using it with an asus maximus formula III (other system specs can be found in my signature) and it's easily overclocked.

The speed itself is very good (and the 8 threads thanks due to HT give software mode the power it needs). It's cheaper than the s1366 (920+) and you don't need tripple channel ram. I'd still buy the 860 over the 920 ;p Good cpu is good.
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i think its expensiveTongue

but its good for running this emu and other latest pc games
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The best choice would be i5-670 -- even base 3.46GHz is awesome, and it's overcloked to sky. And $300 at retail is nice.
If you want to go high end, do it right. Socket 1366 and i7 920.
need i say more?
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Oh yay, dry ice overclocking. It means nothing of any relevance.
1366 since the next i7 released there will have more cores so you won't need to upgrade your motherboard if you want MOAR PWR!!!!
here more info

the i7 980X will be released 1Q 2010 or so wiki says^^
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and will cost ?? 2000 dolars? Laugh
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It doesn't matter how expensive it'll be.
The "Core i7-980 XE" will just be the showoff CPU. Intel doesn't expect anybody to buy these, really Tongue2
The important thing is they finally have the Nehalem die shrink out (Gulftown CPU), I expect real CPU's to follow soon.

So far I found Nehalem rather underwhelming, mainly because it's just barely faster clock for clock than Core2, and it also overclocks the same.

With that die shrink however, we can assume higher overclocks. Those would finally enable Nehalem to be faster where it matters (PCSX2! Tongue2 ).

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