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What games are now working in PCSX2 0.9.7
So anyone care to name any games that now work/have been fixed in 0.9.7? Or even ones that go from barely playable to greatly playable. Share your knowledge, I'm curious. Biggrin

(Also, random question: anyone know if it's possible to get shadows to work in Dragon Quest 8 without going into software mode now?)

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answer to your RANDOM Question is NO!!!!!!!!!

for the game's Here's one Wild arms Alter Code f
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Hey now, no need to get all capital letters and exclamation marks on me, I was only asking Tongue
But thanks for the reply, hoping more people will mention some games that are working much better now.
My answer is plenty, just see compatibility list at. Www:// and problem can be solved.
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>> Emulation speed differs for each game. There will be some you can run fast easily, but others will simply require more powerfull hardware <<.
to someone who did make those changes on the list:
is there changelog left somewhere?
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Not everything on that list appears to be correct though, for example Growlanser Generations STILL crashes at the end of battles making it ingame as opposed to playable.
try software mode and other settings that will increase compatibility, thats how they test the games as far as i know. because it has a problem in hardware mode it doesnt mean its not playable.
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I'm not asking for definitive answers really, just based on your experience, what games have YOU tried that work much better/have been fixed?
Other than askin these kinda Questions why not just test them yourself or ask around the forums first if a certain game is playable and also what the expected bugs are Other than believing that list since the game's are not completely detailed and that it does not say for example that Haunting Ground is Only playable on software mode and other things like proper settings for the Game so just experiment on your Own and do some research on the forums
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Well I was just hoping people would post their personal experience with games and such, I don't own that many games, so I can't very well test that many games myself. Personally, I've noticed that Shadow of the Colossus had the shadow issues fixed, but that's only something minor, and doesn't effect the playability. I'm looking for people to just discuss about games they may own that have become drastically different and much more playable/fixed since the new 0.9.7 release is all. Is that so wrong?

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