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What is a good graphics card for Laptops?
What is a good graphics card for laptops?
I have heard that laptops' graphics card are worse than a desktop. A good desktop graphics card is an 8800 GT.
What would be a good graphics card for laptops?

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This is just asking which labtop is good for pcsx2. You should look up the available labtops that wihtin your budget if you're planning to buy one. If you list them all out, we can have a better idea of which suits your needs the most.
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I just want a laptop that can play Metal Gear Solid 2 well. I don't mind using a few speed hacks.
GTX260M would be about as good as 9800GT, not sure but I think for MGS2 you need quite the good processor too tho.
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Would an Intel Core 2 Duo mobile (for Laptops) be good enough?
Depends on how fast the processor is. There are C2D's that are 2ghz which wouldn't be nearly enough... In general though, laptops aren't going to have the umph to emulate PS2 games for the most part.

Your best bet if you're really only interested in MGS2 is to try and find the PC version on Ebay or some other online seller. They may even sell it D2D (direct to drive). Natively running MGS2 on your PC will be a lot faster and with fewer bugs than going through the steps to emulate it.
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But aren't Desktop computers getting outdated? In fact, some retail stores are replacing desktops with Laptops.
@ sentine42
WTF !!!,do you ever think what you have said,thats almost impossible,in fact deskopt pc are the most up2date,and the laptops have to keep up with them.
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Yeah, desktops are outdated in the sense that you only watch movies or surf the web or play really old games or word processing. In other words, why get a desktop for light tasks, when you can get something that's mobile.

For heavy tasks though, like video decoding, running virtual machines, playing modern games, or even 3D rendering, a desktop is more suited for the job. Emulation is also a rather heavy task, especially for later gen consoles.

The reason laptops are replacing the shelves at your nearest retailer is not because desktops are outdated, but rather because the demand for laptops is rising. Average people don't emulate consoles. They don't decode video. Very few of them actually play recent PC games like Lost Planet or Crysis.

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I have one last question. The 2nd digit in the 4-digit graphics card like 8800 GT means how good the graphics card is. So what about the graphics card with 3-digits like the GT 260?

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