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What's the correct way to update Nvidia drivers?
I finished installing a PC with a Nvidia gfx (GT 220). I first installed drivers from the included CD, which seemed to be around a year old. Some time later I decided to update drivers by downloading latest driver from Nvidia website and just running the installer, which is the way I've always updated on my rig. With exception of a single file-reading error which seemed to be solved by just "retrying", installation went normal. But I noticed Physx was present in Nvidia Control Panel with the CD driver and when updating it wasn't anymore.

Is this a good way to update/reinstall Nvidia drivers? What about the Physx issue?

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The best way is to uninstall old drivers then install the new ones though the latest drivers are supposed to be able to do that for you it's still a little buggy
run the physx msi in the physx sub folder.
So have I messed up all this time updating Nvidia drivers? Is it normal that new driver unisntalled or disabled Physx? Though this is a ***** card, I fear performance gets affected by all of this and makes things worse...

If you mean inside the folder Nvidia installer extracts in C:/Nvidia/, the only existing files are Physx.nvi, PhysxExt.dll, and Physx_9.10.0514_SystemSoftware. This last one looks like an installer, not an msi file.
its not supposed to happen, but it can.

its definitely an msi file Tongue2

theres a newer version of physx just released on laptopvideo2go....
This seems to be the new Physx:

But I'm still doubtful, does driver updating "erases" or skips Physx installation? Or is it that included CD makes complete installation? And, are there consecuences for updating drivers by just running Nvidia installer?
Help about previous doubt?
And, are laptopvideo2go drivers stable or experimental? That version is not on Nvidia site...
I'll try to help while I sit her at work on hold with HP.

In theory you should remove the Nvidia drivers from the control panel included the physx driver then just install the newly download package and everything should go fine assuming your card is supported by the driver package.
Installed newest Physx, seemingly went well. Now it's still abscent from Nvidia Control Panel. WTH!? What's going on? How is Physx supposed to be enabled/disabled now?

Great, now I'll never know if it was really installed before doing this stupidity...

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