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What to start with?
Hello everyone,

I've always been interested in computers and was just wondering what is the best thing to try and learn in programming/coding in your opinion.

Of course you need to use some sort of language such as C,C+,C++, javascript etc etc and that these languages are all built upon binary that a computer can read(ie. true/false). So which one is the most practical or useful one?

As you can tell I'm an utter noob in this area but I'm willing to learn, I'm pretty good at arithmetic large and small(aspergers syndrome Laugh), don't know so much maths though.

Is there essential prior knowledge I should know first or just jump into learning one of these languages?
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It honestly depends on what your goals are, if you want to make emulators, C++ is probably the way to go (or C#), if you want to contribute to us, C++ is definately the way to go Tongue2. Javascript is generally for web pages, where Java (without the script) is generally an alternative to C and slightly easier to learn (imagine a halfway point between Visual Basic and C).

Anyhoo, it really depends where you wanna go and what you feel like learning, all of them can be useful Smile

going to move this to the chatterbox as it's more suited in there than here.
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Ok, thanks Refraction I've found a good online step by step guide for C++ so I'm gonna get stuck into it.

The idea of helping Pcsx2 sounds nice but I think the emulator will be long finished anywhere near by the time I could help anybody Tongue.
"We can’t possibly hope to reform that which we do not understand" - Julian Assange
Research some languages and pick one that interests you and STICK WITH IT. Once you totally master a language it becomes so much easier to pick up on others because they're all just doing the same thing with different methods.

I also suggest you learn basic computer science first and for that you can go here:

Watch a few, just watch and take it in. Hang around PCSX2 forums and try to see how much of this stuff you understand. Once you feel competent you can go ahead and start learning to program.

I personally like javascript but there's no "right" language to learn first (though I'd suggest javascript or php... very simple and they get you really into it)
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Yeah I think I should know some computer science first, I seem to already know more than I thought I did but must learn more Smile.

Well If C++ is easier to learn once you know Javascript then perhaps Javascript may be the one to go for first as a begginer.

Thanks Hungry Man for that link that website is AWESOME.Laugh

Edit: Unfortunately because it's a decent quality video I need to wait till I'm home from boarding school because I'm currently using a 3G dongle Sad which would cost me like £3.50 of bandwidth per video sooo christmas holidays me thinks, sat on an island in the middle of nowhere learning computer science and javascript xD best place eh.
"We can’t possibly hope to reform that which we do not understand" - Julian Assange

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