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Which emulator has better compatability and speed PSCX2 or Dolphin?
Someone was saying that Wii emulation is more advanced than ps2 emulation at this point, I'm wondering if that is true. I really think that ps2 emulation is more advanced since most of the games I own work at higher resolutions and full speed.

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... pcsx2 and dolphin are hardly comparable but if you must I'd say pcsx2 is more advanced since sound & music works way better in pcsx2
also is dolphin a little handicapped because of the TLB emulation since a few nice games seem to depend on it Oo

I'd like to note that this was not said to tarnish the dolphin rep it's a really great emulator and I use & update it frequently
I just think pcsx2 is even greater Tongue

PS: dolphin is progressing nicely and has by now decent sound emulation afaik
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PCSX2 for sure. Most of PCSX2 games have around 40fps for me, but Dolphin is horribly slow and sound is crackling. Also Dolphin devs don't like speedhacks.
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It's possible. The Wii uses a single-core cpu design, which makes it several magnitudes simpler to emulate as compared to the multi-core EmotionEngine inside a PS2. It also uses an ATI graphics card, which are typically very similar to desktop cards and thus a lot easier to emulate than the PS2's fully customized GS. The Wii is also easily the weakest of the current generation consoles.

So from a technical standpoint there's not much reason for the Wii to not be at an equal or more advanced stage of emulation quality.

(edit: except, of course, for the fact that public Wii hardware specs are very hard to come by, which makes emulating it much more challenging -- Nintendo is very hush-hush about that stuff, much more so than any other console maker)
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
Hmm, I guess that is true that it looks like it is easier. the only disadvantage is that the gpu and cpu of the wii runs at much higher clock rates I'm guessing, but in the end all of that would be offset by the fact that it has a simpler design. I mainly wanted to know because some guy was bashing ps2 emulation and he said that the wii emulator was much much more advanced and the ps2 emulation was crappy and that it was the worst console to emulate that has a current emulator out. I highly disagree though. And you guys have been working hard and progress is being made every single day. All for free too, it's not fair to just bash the emulator since a specific game you tried didn't work.
Dolphin has a really nice GUI and a built in iso/rom browser. I'm pretty sure that's what gives some people the impression it's somehow better and/or more complete of an emulator. Appearances are everything to some folks, ya know Wink
Jake Stine (Air) - Programmer - PCSX2 Dev Team
both emulators are good though,

On a side note, is it possible to emulate the ps2 on the ps3 with no Graphics synthsizer or emotion Engine? There were new patents shown that sony patented emulator of both the Emotion Engine and Graphics synthesizer on the Cell. the Cell does have 7 vector processors and that makes the architecture similar to the ps2 so that would make it easier, but on the otherhand, the Cell is already really hard to work with, a lot of people were saying that emulating the fast eDram of the synthsizer makes it impossible since the ps3 has no for of memory as fast as it, but this emulator works on systems with much slower speed memory.
(08-31-2009, 06:43 PM)Air Wrote: Dolphin has a really nice GUI and a built in iso/rom browser. I'm pretty sure that's what gives some people the impression it's somehow better and/or more complete of an emulator. Appearances are everything to some folks, ya know Wink

yea,PCSX2 is better emulator,
but dolphin is now progressing in huge steps
I hope they will add in the future features like Speed hacks
that works great in PCSX2.

both teams are doing great job.tough.
I also agree. in my laptop pcsx2 is really playable, while in dolphin the fps are really abyssmal (not to mention that by now they don't give support to the intel graphics card due to using OpenGL 2.1 and deprecating the DX plugin)
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to the op: many persons stating "thing a is better than thing b" don't intend to start a discussion, they want to start a fight. the correct term nowadays for that is "trolling", it's best not to feed them Wink

btw, some good hints to detect such a troll:

1. trolls don't ask something, they begin with a polarising black or white statement. any options beyond these given two are ruled out from the start (that's btw a very old rethorical stylistic device called "tertium non datur", so technically already the romans had their share of trolls Laugh)
2. a troll completely disregards some arguments of your reply, it only reacts to those parts, that allows it to continue the trolling. if your reply is impossible to counter, it will most likely start to insult your signature or avatar.
3. trolls pull arguments out of thin air, they love to cite unverifiable or imprecise sources or don't state a source at all. so, watch out for "some say...", "surveys show..." or "it is known that..." Wink
4. a troll will almost never state something as its opinion, everything, even the most individual belief or attitude, will be repackaged as a fact.

so whenever something like this "thing a vs. thing b" is mentioned, go back one step and ask yourself: is this comparison even useful? or is the real intention of the other person just to provoke me? and back to this topic: i don't think that such a rather superficial comparison of pcsx2 and dolphin is useful in any constructive way. it's nice to see the progress of both, that's what matters, right?
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