Poll: Which Internet Browser should i use?
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Google Chrome
10 37.04%
15 55.56%
Stay with my current, Internet Explorer 9
2 7.41%
Total 27 vote(s) 100%
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Which is the best Internet Browser?
Currently i use Internet Explorer 9
I am looking for an change which browser should i use?
I have tried Opera & Safari i don't like them.

I am confused between Chrome & Firefox
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Firefox is nice, Chrome is faster though. I personally use FF. DO NOT stay with IE Tongue
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My favourite Laugh

Sleipnir is quite good too...
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Definitely Google Chrome.
google chrome for me.. I use Firefox when there's a problem in chrome like can't access some forum -___-
google chrome is fast alot of people say chrome fast.

firefox fast but use ram alot when long usage.

i use firefox cost is stable fast speed and reliable and trusted

do not use IE internet explorer slow
I use IE9, but recently I encountered some stupid bugs with it.

The first bug is sometimes when I close IE windows (not tab), it immediately opens 3 windows of the same page that I closed. For example I have 1 IE windows. I close it, it opens 3 windows. I close them, it opens 9 windows... etc, until the whole system freezes due to RAM shortage. I am mad with this f...king bug. However, it only happens on certain sites (kotaku.com for exaple), and sometimes.

The second bus is the IE thread continues to run after a tab was closed. So if you're watching porn, you still hear the moaning after closing the tab. In fact it is still running in the background, until you close the IE windows. I encountered this bug long ago when YouTube still used Flash, and Microsoft said that it was because of the plugin. At that time Flash for IE9 was in beta stage, so I blamed Flash. But now, I don't use Flash anymore, the bug still occurs with HTML5 video. There is nothing to blame now except for the cursed Microshit IE.

I hate Chrome because of the way it is advertised. Go to Google and type "Internet Explorer", and you'll see Chrome on top of the first hit. I'd like to switch to Safari, but there are no Windows version for Safari 6 at the moment. I'm waiting for it. If it is never released, I'll use Firefox. I still use IE for the time being.
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You can pull out IE8/9 from the Poll. Its useless for me. Tongue2

I am fine with [Image: chrome-gold.png] [Image: Google%2BChrome%2Bicon%2Bnew.png]. Its way faster and provides all the features I need. Although Firefox [Image: mozilla-firefox.jpg]isn't bad though. And as sausuke told, Laugh I too use Firefox when I am not able to log into some sites due to errors, cookie problems(even after clearing them Tongue2 gets solved within 15 min)

And my Internet Explorer freezes after some time. There are too many ads and banners and search providers which automatically gets installed.

Relevant image : [Image: firefox_internet_explorer-320x309.jpg]
livy Wrote:But now, I don't use Flash anymore, the bug still occurs with HTML5 video

Why don't you use Flash. Its plugin and players are free.
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I use IE8 and for sites that have problems with it I use google chrome.IE sometimes crashes randomly.
So why are you still using it? Are you aware that IE8 is not safe and has vulnerabilities? Tongue
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