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Will a 4ghz phenom give me full speed with pcsx2?
yea I'll make a new system soon and i'm wondering this. I want to play games like Tekken 5, Granturismo 3-4 etc. with full speed and without glitch. I'm currently interesting in this cpus:
X4 965 be
core i5 750
core i7 930

Phenom 965 has a nice price/performance ratio and also its a good cpu but only thing that i have doubt is pcsx2. I can push it to 3.8-4 ghz but i'm not sure is it enough for pcsx2 because my friend's core2duo 2.3 ghz gives much better fps than my current athlon x2 5000+2.9ghz. I know that core i5-7 series faster than any amd but i dont care about benchmarks results, phenom will be enough for me.

So as the topic says question whats your suggestions? Thanks.

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well not full speed in some games without speed hacks.

with my phenom ii @ 3.8GHz i managed to get valkyrie profile 2 to run at full speed at 1080P, very happy with that as valkyrie profile 2 is one of the more demanding games IIRC

final fantasy 12 on the other hand I get full speed with no speed hacks.

it has been said phenom ii @ 3.8GHz is about equal to a C2D @ 3.2GHz which happens to be what the recommended CPU speed is. so that should be an indication that most games should run full speed without speed hacks.

Wikipedia Wrote:Recommended

* Windows XP/Windows Vista or Linux 32bit/64bit
* CPU: Core 2 Duo 3.2GHz
* GPU: GeForce 8600 GT or better
* 1GB RAM (2GB if using Windows Vista)
Well, Core 2 Duo is newer than Athlon x2, so it's not really a good comparison.
If price/performance is your main concern, go with the Phenom II.

i5-750 is nicer, because it is faster (again, newer tech) and will draw less power and produce less heat when overclocked to 3.8-4 GHz. Of course, it is also more expensive.

i7-930 is more or less an enthusiast platform. The most expensive of the three. For PCSX2, it's overkill. Triple channel RAM does have its uses (i.e. transcoding, decoding, encoding, video editing, etc), but not in general gaming or emulation. Also, this platform is necessary for SLI/CrossfireX, because there are enough PCI-e lanes to support two GPU's at x16 bandwidth or 3 at x16, x8, x8. But PCSX2 doesn't support SLI/CFX so...meh.

tl : dr version:
Phenom II - great for PCSX2, great price/performance ratio, but need to spend more money on the cooler and/or electric bill, might need a water cooler to reach 4Ghz.
i5 - might be faster than the Phenom II in PCSX2, draws less power the the Phenom II, less power draw => less heat, 4GHz with an air cooler, but more expensive, turbo boost needs to be disabled after ~3.6 Ghz.
i7 - overkill, very expensive, but overall performance (gaming, benchmarks, video/audio editing, etc) is much higher than the other 2.
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Uh you don't need a water cooler for Phenom ii, with the cooler master hyper 212+ (about $30 air cooler), these are the temps I get with 2 cores @ 3.8GHz, 2 cores @ 2.6GHz:

I do have the c3 stepping which makes it run a bit cooler though.
Nappa: Vegeta! What does the scouter say about his power level?
Vegeta: It' thousand and six.
Nappa: Wh-...really?
Vegeta: Yeah! Beat him up Nappa!
Nappa: Yay!
where i live, the 750 is cheaper than the 965 Tongue
Intel Core i5 3570 | 8GB DDR3 | Radeon HD6870 | Windows 7
(04-05-2010, 11:59 PM)dsxchallenger Wrote: where i live, the 750 is cheaper than the 965 Tongue

Lucky you. Rolleyes

From what I recall, the prices for the Phenom II X4 were dropped because of the release of the i5 750. The top Phenom II X4 CPU had equal to lesser performance compared to the i5 750 (I think there might be one or two benchmarks where it beat the i5 750) so AMD had to drop the prices in order to remain competitive.
For the games you want to play, it just might. At least tekken runs "fine" on my machine. (a few tweaks in PCSX, but then again, I try tweaking all games for the "perfect settings")

I got a phenom II x4 955 @ 3,2 GHz.
And pretty much all games run slick. Haven`t OC`d the thing yet, because... why the heck should I? things run fast enough.
(as soon as I got money ready to buy a new one, I`m going to overclock the thing... really overclock it.)

Only some 3D RPG`s like suikoden 3 and Xenosaga seem to have their moments of framedrop. *(down to 26~40 occasionally at set sequences)

So I can`t be too certain about gran turismo running smooth. Considering it`s probably got some effects that needs rendering. (And I haven`t got the game, so can`t really say that I thoroughly tested that one)

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