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Will the M11x be enough to do PCSX2 emulation?
Hi All,

New here, but I have dabbled with the PCSX2 and I have to say, great job for all those involved!

I have been wanting to get the M11x, however, one of the problems I have with it is the CPU. I am just wonder if the specs on the M11x are enough to pull of emulation for games like mgs3 and gow1 and 2.

Just curious if any one has tried.


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Well, if the best processor available for it is a Core 2 Duo SU7300 @ 1.3Ghz, then it would be much to slow for most any game.
For those three games.. no chance. To be honest, I'm still astonished how it could run ANY current games (PC or otherwise) with the precessor speed thats below 2gh
Working full time to build new PC by the end of the year
Yes, the devs are astonishing, aren't they? Smile
That is what I figured. I am hoping for an i7 version on the M11x. The only thing weak on that thing is the processor. Even when overclocked to 1.7.
Yep. It's too bad. Looked sweet! Biggrin

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