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Windows 7 (no internet connection after installation)
Hello!Recently a friend decided to install windows 7 ultimate x32 over windows vista home premium which previously had.after installing the computer wouldn't connect to the internet.the mobo is a ECS G31T-M7.I downloaded win7 ethernet/lan drivers from ECS website but it didn't work.It continues to say that we have to insert a cable to connect to the router.although we replugged the cable a lot of times but it didn't friend then decided to go back to vista but the problem wasn't solved and still he doesn't have internet vista he tried installing the drivers from mobo's cd but the problem continues.does someone know how can we fix this?any help is well appreciated.thanks in advance!

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Hi let me see if i can help out with some basic troubleshooting steps,chances are it could just be a simple problem. OK first you need to check if the drivers are installed properly right click on my computer icon,properties, in the window click on device manager.under network adapters Atheros AR8112 10/100 LAN click properties if the device status says this device is working properly you can rule out the problem is with windows or your mobo. check if your Ethernet cable ok or if you have another try that one, if that still doesn't do it check router or modem to see if its on because if your modem/router isn't on windows wont know that it's there and if it is on it could just be frozen try unplugging it for 30 seconds and see if that works ok.
Try by re-setting your router to factory settings and then re-loading the settings into your router.
we had done together the troubleshooting steps a lot of times.of course the router is on ! and we tried unplugging 3 times. also the driver is installed correctly cauz the system says that this device is working properly. we will try today with another ethernet cable and an ubuntu live cd to see if it works
we tried with another ethernet cable but it didn't work.but we got internet access when we booted from the ubuntu is there anything we can do now to fix this problem also in windows?
yeah try unplugging the Ethernet cable from your pc and then reset the modem/router to the default settings.if that doesn't work open Internet explorer click diagnose and go through the steps,if that still doesn't work tell me what the diagnostic report says or a screen shot of it.
Open the network and sharing center in control panel and check what is not working there, changing OS and drivers probably changed some settings and it should show where it's failing.
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