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Windows 8
Windows 8 Preview is Available to Download @ , Downloading and Testing, Hope its Fully Compatible with Pcsx2, Its Said to need less System Requirement.

They Have Also Replaced the Win32 API with WinRT

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Only downside is that it's majorly made for netbooks Smile atleast that's what I've been reading about it Smile
I see no reason to 'upgrade' to 8 unless you have a touch display. MS needs to stop trying to be Apple
(09-14-2011, 08:25 PM)synce Wrote: MS needs to stop trying to be Apple

look at the profit of apple why not jump on that train and earn some money because of apple?^^ i would do it like them Wink
(09-14-2011, 08:25 PM)synce Wrote: I see no reason to 'upgrade' to 8 unless you have a touch display. MS needs to stop trying to be Apple

Except for the loads of features that have nothing to do with the UI?

Running Win8 right now as my main OS (and only one)

Task manager is way better.
UI is really nice (and hardware accelerated)
Uses less RAM on startup than my Windows 7
Starts up very quickly

A bit buggy at times but it's great.

And PCSX2 works on it (though not the sound plugin by default)
i5 520m :: ATI 5650 (700, 900) :: Samsun 830 128GB SSD:: 8GB (2x4GB) RAM
I dl'ed Windows last night but didn't get the chance to install it yet. I'm ready to ditch Windows 7 Tongue
Not me... I'm not ready to throw away windows 7 just yet, especially since I've never run a windows system 24/7 for over 2 years without having to reinstall it before. It's nice to finally have a stable enough operating system to do this, and I have no need or desire to take a step back both in GUI and stability.

Though maybe as an experiment I'll run it on my older laptop just to play around with it.
[Image: 2748844.png]
I'm interested to see what Microsoft and 3rd party developers do with the Metro interface. I also love the new Task Manager!
My god... I installed this on my laptop just now and it's by far the worst thing I've ever seen... Why the HELL did they think it was a good idea to get rid of (or at least hide in such a way that I can't find it) the nice alphabetically organized start menu for a bunch of disorganized blocks? Hell, why even give an option for the desktop when it's essentially the SAME thing only with SMALLER blocks? The whole UI utterly confounds me and is the very definition of "unintuitive".

So we have lots of blobs that bulkily take up space and no clear well organized place to go through all of your installed apps/games... This feels like a step backwards. Like they looked back to windows 3.1 for inspiration. The new taskmanager is nice in that it at least let me see what all the processes are doing besides just consuming CPU and memory... it's nice to know that Microsoft's anti-malware software can take up 40% of my CPU, 300 megs ram, drawing 30/MB a second in hard drive read speed, and a couple megabits of bandwidth just sitting there running in the background.
[Image: 2748844.png]
(09-14-2011, 10:04 PM)Hungry Man Wrote: Running Win8 right now as my main OS (and only one)

A bit buggy at times but it's great.

mmh ok. running a DP as main OS? I dunno. and bugs? well... preview bugging as expected.

generally topic: I recently got a good running 7 so I don't need any upgrades yet. not gonna go for the low footprint only on the pure tablet UI. it's pointless without real touchscreen - the touchpad of the lap doesn't count. also I do prefer a desktop and I usually have 3GB to spare from startup. then using that "new" desktop UI isn't worth that change. I don't need extra gimmicks. else basicly it's the same as the old one. open program and work with the programs desktop like interface. it's just pointless to make a change.

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