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Windows Vista Installation
Hey People ! Happy

i tried to upgrade my xpsp2 by windows vista ultimate from hard disk and an error message appeared..
" cannot create installation folder " Blink
am i doin' somethin' wrong ?
i mean Tongue2 i've got the windows on my hard disk Tongue .. my dvd drive is so dead Sad

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Those upgrades arent always succesful, i'd try searching for your exact error on google or something.
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I've yet to meet someone who's done a Upgrade installation and been happy with it. Registry errors and cryptic permissions crap always seems to make it far more trouble than it's worth.

Make a new partition and install to that. You'll have to reinstall everything anyway, may as well avoid catastrophic data loss at the same time.
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An xp/win7 or winvista dual boot would be a much better option. Thats what I did with my PC.

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