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Would a RAM upgrade help?
I currently have a lenovo Thinkpad R61 laptop running Windows 7 32-bit.
Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo T8100 @ 2.1GHz each
Graphics: Intel Mobile 965 Express Chipset (Mobile Intel GMA X3100) - Wikipedia has a nice table of specs if you're not familiar with this graphics card, but it runs at about 500MHz and has 358MB of memory according to my system.

Running Kingdom Hearts, using GSdx SSSE3 at native resolution, directX9(hardware) and no speedhacks I'm able to get around 40-60 fps but it constantly changes.

I'm wondering if upgrading to 4GB of RAM will really do anything for emulation or if 2GB is more than enough. I know a graphics card upgrade would definitely do the trick, but I still have to find out how difficult that would be since Intel integrates this graphics card with the processor. (If anyone knows how to do that, that would help too).

So, how big a factor is RAM and would doubling it bump me up to a solid 60fps?

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Nope, RAM upgrade wouldn't help with your FPS.
not at all pcsx2 uses 300 mb of ram for maximum ( ram upgrade will not solve it )
what about continue this talking in pm
Well going from ddr1/ddr2 to ddr3 RAM will mean that the 300mb of RAM that Pcsx2 does utilize will be more efficient so by doing that you actually help Pcsx2 run by an absolute MINIMAL amount but it's there. However increasing the "amount" of RAM of the same speed will do Zilch/zippo and zero! Tongue
It's a weapon. It's REALLY powerful, ESPECIALLY against living things.
but however i had 4 gb of ram ( 4x1 gb) and then 3 broke and pcsx2 performance didnt even changed
dont know about RAM, but i am 100% you will get a big boost of fps by overclocking your cpu to at least 2.8 ghz Laugh
(01-04-2011, 02:05 AM)mrpopo1455 Wrote: dont know about RAM, but i am 100% you will get a big boost of fps by overclocking your cpu to at least 2.8 ghz Laugh

overclocking a laptop is never a good idea, but ..... anyway Laugh
The one thing everybody has failed to mention, your biggest problem is that graphics card, which probably isnt replaceable, sorry!
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