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X Box emu
Is there any xbox emus that are playable? emulator zone only shows 2 that dont even have websites and most likely arent working

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No ongoing Xbox Emulator projects afaik.

And if there's one, they're mostly not worth it imo...
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I've never tried it, and it looks a bit outdated:
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there was cxbx,and another one,can't remember the name..the point is it really couldn't run any games,only halo..Tongue2
there was 4 in total.

CXBX: The most known one, known to run Turok 100% playable
Xeon: Second most know, able to run Halo perfectly.
DXBX: Basically a delphi port of CXBX, dont know what happened to it though.
Xenoborg (think thats right): Was a WIP emulator by blueshogun, like most of his projects, it ended abruptly ;p
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CXBX, was that the one that did static translation? I vaguely remember a project that kicked out a single exe per game, ran it standalone as long as you had DX9. Something about redirecting all API calls and it apparently worked well enough to get a few games up.
That was years ago, kinda sad it never moved as fast or far as PCSX2 did. The Conker's Bad Fur Day port on an emulator would be amazing. The N64 one just isn't the same Tongue

Or maybe that was a different project.
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I am surprised Xbox emulation hasn't taken off. I haven't owned an Xbox, just played a few at a friends house and have glanced over the specs before but it is essentially a glorified gaming PC isn't it? It uses a Celeron processor and has x86 architecture as well right?

So you think making an Xbox emulator should be pretty straightforward. Of course with Microsoft making the console I am sure a lot of proprietary stuff gets in the way and the security on it makes emulation difficult.
Yep an Xbox emulator *should* be easier than the rest of the consoles since it is so close to a PC. Xbox emulation never took off from lack of interest,since almost every Xbox game was available also on PC,so not much joy in emulating games you already can play on your PC Tongue
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and xbox games have low graphics..but there is wii emulator and they claim that my fav. game mario smash bro. is working prefect...but i don't have wiiSad so i am not able to test it but there r youutube videos conform that...

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