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XBox 360 controller EMULATOR for windows
[Image: xemu.jpg]
I wanted to post it since i contribiuted to this program with a small fix for gamepads with triggers on single axis.

Download: Virus's page with newest user modified versions, contain source codes

What is it?

If you have ***** gamepad or any other gamepad that doesnt support XInput ( which 99% of new "games for windows" use ), and you have problems with compatibility, vibration doesnt work in games, games dont detect triggers or axes properly this thing is a solution for you. It translates Direct Input signals from your gamepad to XInput, thanks to that you will never have to configure gamepad controls ( just plug and play, like with xbox 360 gamepad for PC ) and everything will work properly

How do i config
open x360ce.ini and bind your buttons to coresponding x360 controller buttons.

if you have single axis trigger do something like this
Left Trigger=h-1
Right Trigger=h1

h and slider id

use XInputTest.exe to test your config.

everything else is in a comment field in ini file.

To make it run with a game just copy all the files into game directory and just run the game, if you hear "beep" from your PC speaker or if you use vista/7 beep from normal speakers then it means it works. If you did everything right your game will think you actualy use Xbox 360 controller. And your gamepad will work just as the x360 controller.

original author is Racer_S from toca edit forums, but he kinda stopped developing it because he owned only 1 gamepad so he couldnt fix bugs that occured with different gamepads, and it was taken by users and they fixed most remaining bugs.
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I use this for GTA 4 and Crysis, but the problem is that it doesn't work with games in 64bit mode.
i have windows 7 64 bit version and it works for me Tongue
Check my profile for hardware/software and games i played on PCSX2.
I know that it works on 64bit operating systems, it doesn't work on 64bit games or 64bit executables.
i'm using ver beta3, yep works on my windows 7 64 bit, playing gta4 with it
Gears Of War complains about using modified code.
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SWEET program man!!! When i first read the title of this thread i thought it was another of those "controller doesn't work blah blah ". But then i noticed "emulator" there and i was like "wait a minute..." =P. I can now play TLR and so many other games with a god damn rumble!!

This will really come in handy in future. Thanks alot =)
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(09-25-2009, 06:05 PM)generalplot Wrote: Gears Of War complains about using modified code.
well yeah, not all games work with it unfortunatly

for me it worked with
Dead Space
new Batman
Fallout 3
The Last Remnant
Assassins Creed
Lost Planet
Mirror's Edge

here is a list of games that use XInput, so this emulator should work with those games

didint tested with other games or i dont remember Tongue
Check my profile for hardware/software and games i played on PCSX2.
this software doesnt make my usb gamepad work in the terminator salvation game but it does work in crysis,so is there any software like this which can make it work in terminator salvation game.
The thing with this emulator is that different games sometimes require different versions, apparently terminator salvation works better with a older version.
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