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XInput Wrapper for DS3 and USB Dual DS2 Controller
After downloading and try unzipping it shows archive is either in unknown format or damaged.. . Help

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I use latest version of SCP Driver Package with genuine SIXAXIS controller. Almost everything is working properly, but I feel that triggers (L2 and R2) and analog sticks are not 100% sensitive. I mean its' "working range" are about ~80%. Rest 20% are just deadzone. For example R2 @ 80% has the same force like @ 100 %.

It's not the games fault, because I checked it in Windows Controllers menegament.

Is there any settings or fix to this?

Thanks in advance.

Hi everyone
please help, im using the panhai dll on version, the controller connect and the vibration works, but in game controller properties nothing works, also my controller is original but it's detected as fake.

![desktop 01 20 2017 - 22 30 43 01]

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