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First, an introduction. I like rpgs. But I like them more because of the story. So I'm going to play xenosaga. My question is if I could skip the first chapter (which has several problems with pcsx2) if I watch the anime. Are these two related? I will miss something? What do you recommend? Thanks

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The anime was based on the Xenosaga EP1 story but is very lacking in my oppinion, there's a lot of content missing and scenes removed (granted they made some new scenes for the anime only but still wasnt as good) I'd say the anime was just a summary of the story and you were supposed to have play the game before to get a better view on it I guess. If you like the story on RPGs I dont see why skipping it would be a good idea really Tongue
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Sometimes I get bored with the gameplay but I really want to know what happens next with the characters, so I keep playing. There is something missing in the anime that will keep me from enjoying/understanding ep 2?
Play on, the game gets better in the later half.
Xenosaga 2 has a library that tells you a summery of ep1.
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