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Xenosaga 1 bonus after battle?
Does anyone know by what criteria is given the x(x2,x4,x10...)times more money/points

The x10 appear randomly and I can't understand by what criteria.

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It's the bonus slot when you kill monsters, I don't remember correctly but think if you kill a boss when there's a skill slot showing you can get that x10. Could be from killing multiple monsters with the bonus round tho. I used that a lot and ended up with an overpowered KOS-MOS but screwed up balance with it.
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I know about the skill slot,but couple of battle before I get that x10 on normal enemy.The more common that appear after I kill an enemy are x2 and x4
Oh sorry I thought that's what you were asking.

As far as I know it's random but bosses have a bigger chance or maybe it was killing various monsters at the same time, don't know for sure. I used to make a savestate just to get what I wanted.
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I remember that slot being foreseeable to the extent of being useful overseeing it to prevent bosses from using their special, but it was in the 3rd game iirc and really can't remember how it was in the first xenosaga, maybe it's random but I think there is a pattern indeed... to find it you must observe their change in the same battle, the change is based in each character action and not in the turn. A good way is facing a weak enemy and keep guarding to avoid serious damage and ending the battle too soon.
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I'm not 100% sure how it works but I do know to get a bigger multi you have to kill a monster with the skill x2 in the event slot thingy.
The more you kill with the event slot with the 2x points thingy the higher it will go.

Attacking with the 2x in the slot makes no diffrence.
It has to be the last hit on an enemy.

The 1st 2 xenosaga's, not sure about the 3rd yet...
You can kill off your party members, leave your fav alive and win the battle.
You'll get 3x the normal points for the 1 char.
If you do the 2x points event slot thingy's you'll get a heck of alot more then normal.

I think the 2x thing is only for skills or ep or something though, not exp.

The bathing suits help too.

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All of the x? are appearing even if I kill the enemys with only normal attacks(not with those special attacks that are kinda mini movie)

x2 always appear if I kill the enemy when the bonus slot is for points...the other are appearing randomly or by some criteria

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