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Your 3 Favorite Games OF ALL TIME!
I love reading lists of people's favorites, and why those games chosen are their faves. So please give me your opinions, of course I'll start with mine - thanks for reading, happy posting! Oh, and don't forget to post which platform the game is your fave on!

1. Street Fighter 2 Turbo: Hyper Fighting (Arcade)

Easily my favorite game ever, was never fond of the later Street Fighters, though before anyone chastises me I know they are good games! I just love how pure this game is, no supers or throw techs, just you and your opponent. Very simple game by today's high standards, but my love for this game will never die. Pure fighting.

2. Ninja Blade (PC)

My favorite action-adventure game ever. Criticised for its Quick Time Events, I don't have a problem with them in any way, as it's better than just watching a cutscene in my opinion. Fun, flashy, perfect length, appealing characters. Did I mention fun? Ridiculously over the top and engaging platformer.

3. Super Castlevania 4 (SNES)

Another old game, but a game with an unmatched atmosphere and structure imo. Still beautiful to look at and listen to, and just as importantly fun to play, a game which I always look back on with huge affection. The pinnacle, for me, of 2d platformers.

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1 - Loom

Easy point & click, but the whole scenario/background/ambience is just unique. I'm still waiting for a courageous movie director to adapt it.

2 - Final Fantasy 7

Couldn't find a real shortcoming about this game. From the scenario to the gameplay, it definitely left something in my mind forever.

3 - north & South

Before the command & conquer series and even Dune 2, the prequel to all RTS games was north & south, to me.
Moreover, I'm just fond of this comic strip basically Tongue2
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1: FF7
2: Need for speed, Hot persuit (2010): this game brought back the old NFS and took it to whole new levels (and I've always liked that aspect of NFS, not the newer stuff)
3: Top Gear 2
Dead or Alive 4 (xbox 360)
Ninja Gaiden l ll (xbox 360)
Super Street fighter 4 (xbox 360)
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In no particular order:
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
Final Fantasy VI (SNES)
Xenogears (PSX)
I will give you my 3 favourite game that aren't 3d otherwise the genres are too different and wouldn't be consistent with this thread. I like streetfighter too but it's hard to compare with oblivion or crysis for example.

So here they come

1 Moonstone (amiga)

If you don't know this game you will really like it, even in this day and age. Bloody rpg fantasy action.

2.Double Dragon (arcade)

The game was so good you would run away from home to play it.

3. Mortal Kombat (finish him!)

A very stylish fighting game. Everybody knows it i guess lol

I want to give an honorable mention to international karate + which should be also in my top 3 lol.

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1) F.F. Tactics -PSX

2) Fallout series -PC

3 Gothic series -PC
1. Little Big Adventure 2 (LBA2) [The most unnoticed game ever]
2. Final Fantasy VIII (8)
3. Resident evil 1-3 (Their all similar genius really)
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Only 3? Ok, I'll give it a shot...

1. Street Fighter 4 (PC)

Not a fan of the nerfs to Ryu in Super, among other things, is why I prefer this over its upgrade. The game that got me back into PC gaming, my all time favorite fighter.

2. Ninja Blade (PC)

Absolutely love this game. Nothing more needs to be said. Perfect in my eyes.

3. Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike (Arcade)

Best traditional 2d sprite based fighter ever. Best versus game ever also.
1.Persona 4
at first i was like "what a boring game..." but then, 3 hours later i was like "DAMN I CANT STOP PLAYING!" and after around 50 hours i was like "NOOOOOOO ONLY NOT NANAKO!!! YOU DUMB FUXX IM GOING TO RIP YOUR HEAD OFF AND ***** DOWN YOUR THROAT!", thats how i got bad ending in first playtrough.

2. Baldurs Gate 2
at first i was like "this seems to be decent rpg" but then i was like "this is even better and Aerie is hawt!". Great story, great battles and great characters.

3. Final Fantasy 9
best FF in the whole series, i dont have words to describe it, its just so awesome.
also "you are not alone" is the best FF song ever.
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