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Your PCSX2 Wishlist
Hello there,

With the PCSX2 getting it's updates, I am very pleased to see the library of games that are now fully supported. This thread is to Generally Discuss lists of games that were on your wish list, but the wish came true and are now fully supported.

Or games that are still waiting in line for the flying star at night to be added to the support list.

The top games that I was waiting to be fully playable were Fatal Frame 1,2,and 3. and are in fact now fully supported thanks to the 0.9.7 release of PCSX2.

The main game that is still not supported on PCSX2 that I REALLY want to be playable is Jak X: Combat Racing. The reason being that of all the combat racing games in existence (even though this is a small genera) it is #1 in my opinion. And I got this game for my PS2, but Jak X doesn't even work on a Slimline PS2 (it has major saving issues) so I can't even play this game on my console or emulator.

So what about you guys? Happy


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