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Your views on Logitech M505 wireless mouse
I am just considering buying a new wireless mouse for my laptop. I searched around for a while and found Logitech M505 at through for $25. I like its design and the tiny Unifying receiver. I have read many good reviews on this mouse. Looking forward to know your views and thoughts on Logitech M505 before gonna buy it.

Thanks in advance for your inputs.

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From what I read, I think the mouse is great. But I don't know if the 15 month battery life is for real or not. And I don't really like the design. It may suit you though. Every people have different styles, opinion, and judgement.

So judge from your own. You may have people say that the mouse is great or the mouse is awesome and also possible to receive bad comments.
But if I look it carefully, well it's greatly designed. What I mean by I don't like the design is the curve at the bottom. But to me it's great already. And why do you go for wireless mouse ? Why don't you go for the USB wired mouse ? If you say that's it's more entertaining and convenient. Yes it is I know. But any other reasons?

Mainly, the mouse is great.

edit: Look at this link . Spends a little more to achive those mouse won't hurt you, I think.
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The mouse looks pretty good to me Wink
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