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an idea for the forums
okay i dont know alot about servers but i hear that the site exceeds ban width from time to time
wouldnt it help if we had the option to delete the threads that are closed due to miss use of the site like threads that violate rules?
or the threads like this that are usually given a yes or no type answer

long ago in a distant city, i batman defender of gotham unleashed an unspeakable order. but a foolish clown wielding a menasing laugh steped forth too opose me.

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Thanks for the suggestion but that wouldn't help much.
These days our bandwith is fine though. It's release days when we struggle ^^
Is it possible to "hire" more bandwidth on days you expect much traffic?
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Well, if most of the BW issues are after releases, you can always use external download mirrors/hosts and encourage people to use torrent..
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Which is what we've been doing Tongue2
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