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are there any sites like rapidshare
i have been using rapidshare for 2 years. when i first signed up i have given unlimited online storage

i sign in and i create folders in my online hard disk. when i want to upload files i select a destination folder. i also installed the file manager tool on my harddisk. i can upload and download my files from there

now rapidshare is no longer unlimited space. i asked for quotation for 2 tb and it is very expensive, so now i need to find something new to use

i don't want something like crashplan and blazedrive in which i have to do backups and restores. i have no control of where my files are uploaded that way

can anyone recommend to me another site like rapidshare? it should be an unlimited online hard disk and i can do the same things that i did before

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You have,, mediafire, dropbox and many more.
i just wanna ask why you'd need 2 TB online storage? for me... that's huge. what are you hosting/storing there?

*scratches head*

i wonder if some of the sh*t you got there is a reupload/duplicate and could be avoided somehow.

sure waste of space. Laugh
^ It may seem like a lot but to some people it's "just" 2TB ;p

Maybe look into putlocker. It's becoming pretty popular and I think it offers unlimited storage
thanks, but they are not unlimited space plans. putlocker is unlimited but i can only upload files that are max 5gb. i have bigger files

what more can you recommend?
Instead of putting it online, why not buy a NAS? eventually you will be spending less money and if you buy a NAS that have the feature to access the data from the internet you're all set ofcourse it's not unlimited.
There is MEGA with 50 GB of storage

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