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bug report tales of the abyss?
Hello. hey i dont know if its here that i should get help from but i have a problem that is really annoying: you know at level 30, characters get the "special" ad skill right? in my case, Luke didn't get it. I was playing with the "x10" exp mode from the grade shop..iwas at choral castle, beat the sword dancer and it gave me 38000 exp which then made my characters' level from 25 to the end of the battle, EVERYBODY EXCEPT LUKE got the ad skill "special"..this really spoiled the game for me..what's up with this?

EDIT: okay..after much researching done, i've read that luke's special ability wont be available until right after the scene where he cuts his hair..hmm..i'll look into it if that's really the case. Im sorry if i ever posted this. Its quite...embarrassing. Peace Out!

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